Spotlight On… Sub-Mariner #52

Namorita‘s third appearance ever is in Sub-Mariner #52, where she meets her future guardian Betty Dean Prentiss! Nita appears on only 7 pages of this issue, but this and the next issue set up her status quo for some time to come.

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Spotlight On… Sub-Mariner #51

Namorita‘s second appearance ever is in Sub-Mariner #51! Nita appears on 16 pages and is a major factor to the plot. The issue contains her origin and a flashback to the “death” of her mother Namora. A pretty crucial issue to Namorita’s history. (Rather timely that we should be taking another look at this issue. Agents of Atlas #1 was released this week, featuring the return of Namora.)

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Spotlight On… Sub-Mariner #50

Namorita makes her historic debut in Sub-Mariner #50! While only appearing for 8 pages, Nita’s first appearance is worth it just to see her meet her famous cousin the Sub-Mariner by punching him in the face! She is quickly established as a spunky yet vulnerable young girl, in many ways more human than Namor. The issue includes her initial origin (before she was revealed to be a clone) and the apparent death of her mother, Golden Age sidekick Namora. If you only get one of Namorita’s 1970s appearances, this is probably the one to get.

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Spotlight On… Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11

And now… a closer look at Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11! Speedball served as guest-star to the ninth entry in Fred Hembeck’s series “Petey, the Adventures of Peter Parker Long Before He Became Spider-Man”. Robbie appears on all 7 pages of this short back-up story. His dialogue is limited, but then he’s only a tottler at the time of this story. Essential? Probably not. But a cute story, with some small but interesting additions to the character’s history.

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