Limbo – Part 5 (2015-present)

Note: This page is not yet complete. More to come soon…

– Phase One: Axis (cover-dated February 2015-June 2015)

  1. Nova v6 #22 “Children of the Candy Corn” (Nova II)
  2. Avengers & X-Men: Axis #1 (Nova II)*
  3. Avengers & X-Men: Axis #2 (Nova II)*
  4. Avengers & X-Men: Axis #3 (Nova II)*
  5. Avengers & X-Men: Axis #5 (Nova II)*
  6. Nova v6 #23 “Wouldn’t Mama Be Proud” Axis (Nova II)
  7. Nova v6 #24 “Stupidity Tries” Axis (Nova II)
  8. Nova v6 #25 “The Super-Saver Club Card” Axis (Nova II)
  9. Fantastic Four v5 #14 (Alex Power)*
  10. Spider-Verse #1 (Scarlet Spider)*
  11. Amazing Spider-Man v3 #9 Spider-Verse (JusticeNova II, Scarlet Spider, Sun Girl, Water Snake)*
  12. Amazing Spider-Man v3 #10 Spider-Verse (Scarlet Spider)*
  13. Scarlet Spiders #1 “The Widow” Spider-Verse (Scarlet Spider)
  14. Amazing Spider-Man v3 #11 Spider-Verse (Scarlet Spider)*
  15. Scarlet Spiders #2 “The Other” Spider-Verse (Scarlet Spider)*
  16. Spider-Man and the X-Men #1 (Firestar)*

*These stories have not yet been confirmed.

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One thought on “Limbo – Part 5 (2015-present)”

  1. Wow, you still have this going!? Excellent! I will be using again to keep up to date on continued reading order. Thanks! Oh, and I love the names you provide for the various phases. It reminds me how much cumulative epic history the Warriors have!

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