New Page: Sam Alexander

Time to start adding the soon-to-be New Warriors to the site. First up: Nova, aka Sam Alexander. None of the appearances have been confirmed yet but I’m fairly confident about what’s there so far, which is only under 20 appearances so not incredibly hard. Anyway, I hope to add more when I get the chance here and there. (Not looking forward to adding Kaine.)


Checklist: Nova (Sam Alexander)

Nova Appearances in the Marvel Universe
(Listed in alphabetical order)

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Ramón Pérez confirmed as cover artist; CBR Poll for favorite All-New Marvel NOW!

Artist Ramón Pérez confirmed to me on Twitter this morning that he is the cover artist for the new New Warriors series. He has released two small sneak peaks to his cover online. Marcus To’s previously seen cover will be a variant for the first issue.

Pérez won three Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards in 2012 for his work on the beautiful graphic novel Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand published by Archaia Entertainment. Since then he’s been the artist on Wolverine & the X-Men and John Carter: The Gods of Mars, among other comics.

Comic Book Resources now has a poll up asking its readers Which of the Upcoming All-New Marvel NOW! Titles Are You Most Excited About?. At the time of this posting, New Warriors by Chris Yost and Marcus To was in third place out of 13 titles announced at New York Comic Con with over 8% of the votes. Go vote!

Timeline added

Did you know the first 17 issues of the original New Warriors series all took place over the course of 6 months? Introducing the New Warriors Timeline, tracking the passage of in-universe time.

I worked this up a few months ago, and figure it’s time to unveil it. It’s very much a work-in-progress but it’s something I’ve always wanted to have here. Dig in and be sure to add any comments, corrections, etc. You’ll find it in the Menu on the left under Misc. but it’ll probably get its own category eventually.

Meanwhile, artist Ramón Pérez (his graphic novel adaptation of the late Jim Henson’s Tale Of Sand unproduced screenplay is highly recommend) has been posting tantalizing peaks at his cover to the new New Warriors series on his social media accounts. Here he is inking on Tumblr, and here is coloring on Instagram.

Cleaning Things Up Around Here

In what may go down as my greatest accomplishment, I’ve finally cleaned up the menu on the right-hand side of the site. Now you can easily see all of the Chronology pages, the Character pages, and miscellaneous other things, like our brand new Digital Comics page (really just a converted version of an earlier post, which has been updated with a link). I’ve also cleaned up the Links pages to get rid of dead links.

I’m also adding images back in to Character pages. These were lost long ago in one of the sites’ moves and I never got around to fixing them. While I’m there at each Character’s page, I’m taking a moment to updating info like their status. Let me know if you see anything weird.

New Interview and New Appearances Added

A third interview with writer Chris Yost posted this morning at Comic Book Resources. Check it out!

Also, this is what happens when I have Columbus Day off the day after a new New Warriors series is announced: Yesterday I updated every character page with appearances up to the present. Keep in mind that most have not yet been confirmed, so the order of many is bound to change, and some may yet be removed or added as I find a way to read these issues (probably through comiXology’s Marvel app and/or the Marvel Unlimited digital subscription). Limbo Part 4 has not yet been updated. Please feel free to chime in on corrections/additions/etc. in the comments of each character page or here.

My goal is to soon add pages for the new Nova (Sam Alexander), Scarlet Spider (Kaine), Hummingbird, and the rest of the soon-to-be new members. has already beat me to the punch with a Sam Alexander page. If you haven’t checked out that site, you should definitely do so, along with its Facebook page and forum.

The New Warriors set to return February 2014


New Warriors #1 cover by Marcus To

10/14: UPDATED with news from Twitter and Tumblr comments confirming the first villain, a interview, the possible logo, and an endorsement from Fabian Nicieza.

Announced during Sunday’s Superior Spider-Man & Friends panel at New York Comic Con, New Warriors will be relaunched as part of the All-New Marvel Now! branded titles in February 2014. The creative team will be writer Christopher Yost (Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes animated series, Thor: The Dark World feature film, Scarlet Spider) and artist Marcus To (Adventures of Superman, Batwing, Red Robin) with a team roster that includes original Warriors Justice and Speedball with the new Nova (Sam Alexander) and the current Scarlet Spider (Kaine). The cover at right, incorporating the familiar New Warriors triangle into the background, is by To.

The creative team of Yost and To previously worked together on DC Comics’ Red Robin. Yost’s Scarlet Spider ends with issue #25, followed by the character showing up in this series.

The book was first promoted in one of a series of teaser images released in the week leading up to New York Comic Con. The ‘War’ teaser (pictured below) was released on October 4th.

Comic Book Resources posted first about the news in their coverage of the Spider-Man panel. Editors Steve Wacker and Sana Amanat provided the details to attendees:

The final announcement of the panel, revealing the project behind the “War” teaser: A new New Warriors, coming in February from writer Chris Yost and artist Marcus To. Members include, according to Wacker, Justice, Nova, Speedball, Scarlet Spider and Sun Girl. Amanat said it brings together members of various groups in the Marvel Universe — mutants, aliens, clones and more — who have been “deemed a threat” by the High Evolutionary.

Along with the action, Amanat said, it’s about the cast becoming friends and learning to work together. Wacker said the creative team is going for a vibe somewhere between the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans and Brian K. Vaughan’s Runaways.

Later in the panel, a Q&A session included a fan asking for everyone’s favorite version of Spider-Man. According to CBR, editor Tom Brennan answered, “I’ve been editing Scarlet Spider for a little under two years now. I kind of love Kaine.” Brennan then praise the Scarlet Spider creative team, thanked fans for their support, and encouraged them to buy New Warriors, where the character will be.

Minutes later, Newsarama provided their own panel report, which provides some additional small details:

Next, the teaser for “War”: Chris Yost and Marcus To will be taking on New Warriors.

Nova, Speedball, Justice, Scarlet Spider will be part of the team, as well as Sun Girl and a new Inhuman, as well as an Atlantean and a mutant. “We’re assembling superheroes of all backgrounds and all races, and they’ve all been deemed a threat,” Amanat said. “They must protect the people that they love.”

What is the purpose of the New Warriors when we have a powerful team like the Avengers? Amanat said that would be discussed in the book. “It’s about these kids coming together and getting to know each other and exploring who they can become outside of the Avengers.” Wacker said the vibe of this book was around Marv Wolfman’s Teen Titans and Brian K. Vaughan’s Runaways. It’s due out in February.


War teaser

Newsarama quickly followed that coverage with an exclusive first interview with Yost about the new series. The writer opened with his professing his love for the original series: “I’ve been a fan of the New Warriors since day one, when Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley launched it.”

Yost provided a quick take on the core members. “Justice isn’t sure the New Warriors are needed in an Avengers world, especially given how tainted the name became after Stamford. Speedball needs the New Warriors more than ever as he struggles with his personal demons. And Nova… he’s the new kid on the block, curious to be on a team with people who knew the previous Nova.” He also mentioned the possibility of other past members returning in the future. “Members like Silhouette, Turbo, even newer members like Debrii… maybe down the road.”

Yost stressed a sense of fun would be present, along with a look at all corners of the Marvel Universe through each of the characters.

Beyond the recognized team members, Yost described the rest of the cast: “Sun Girl, a human. Haechi, an Inhuman. Aracely, a Demigod. Water Snake, an Atlantean. And a Clone by the name of Scarlet Spider.” Aracely has been a supporting character in Scarlet Spider.

He ended the interview with what seems like a mission statement of sorts for the series: “The stakes are high. The action is huge. The hero-ing is super. This is old school Marvel Universe action that’s international, interplanetary, inter dimensional. There’s drama, romance, and world saving. And it’s fun. Remember that?”

Yost has also been talking on Twitter, where he revealed a possible first appearance for one of the new members.

He also gave a teaser for the book’s first villain:

10/14: UPDATE: A subsequent tweet confirmed the planned use of the High Evolutionary as “one of the villains”.


Slideshow at NYCC

Marcus To has also been talking about the new series on his Twitter and Tumblr accounts. He revealed that the cover image above was the first time he drew the characters together, so they may end up looking a little different. Also, regarding ages, he stated that while he does tend to draw characters looking younger, the characters’ ages will remain consistent. Roughly, Nova is 14, Kaine is around 26 and most of the rest of the cast is about “17-18-19 ish”. posted an interview with the two creators, which confirmed that Sun Girl will appear in an upcoming story arc in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. It also revealed Aracely’s codename will be Hummingbird. There are good comments from both about their take on the characters and their plans for the series, which will be firmly set in the Marvel Universe.

Original New Warriors writer Fabian Nicieza also provided his thoughts, both on Facebook and Twitter:

Because I’ve been asked to comment by enough people already, here is what I honestly think of Marvel’s NEW WARRIORS series announcement: #1) It would have been nice to have been asked to write it. #2) If they weren’t going to ask me, then Chris Yost and Marcus To are an absolutely GREAT team to launch a new series!

Finally, Bleeding Cool got a picture of the slide shown at New York Comic Con, which might indicate the logo. It looks to be a variation on the logo used late in the original series.

This is all looking good to me! More info as I see it. I might even start updating character appearance pages again, along with new pages for our new New Warriors, schedule permitting.

This will mark the fifth Marvel comic book to bear the New Warriors title and the fourth ongoing series. The last series ran for 20 issues from 2007 to 2009. A 6-issue mini-series preceded it in 2005. The first relaunch occurred in 1999 and only lasted 10 issues (plus a special zero issue included in an issue of Wizard Magazine). The original series successfully ran for 75 issues from 1990 to 1996, and produced four spin-off titles (two ongoing series and two mini-series).

New Warriors Digital Comics

In case you hadn’t heard, the digital comics revolution is happening. And the New Warriors haven’t been left out.

Follow the links to read digital versions of classic New Warriors stories direct from Marvel Comics’ Digital Comics Shop. (Or you can subscribe to the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and get unlimited access to a huge selection of titles for a reasonable monthly rate. However, note that not all digital comics are available in both the Digital Comics Shop and the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited library. The below are just for the new Digital Comics Shop.)

  1. New Warriors #1 “From the Ground Up!”
  2. Thor #411 “The Gentleman’s Name is Juggernaut!” Acts of Vengeance
  3. Thor #412 “Introducing… the New Warriors!” Acts of Vengeance
  4. New Warriors #2 “Mirror Moves”
  5. New Warriors #3 “I Am, Therefore I Think”
  6. New Warriors #4 “Genetech Potentials”
  7. New Warriors #5 “The Man Who Stole Tomorrow”
  8. New Warriors #6 “The Inhuman Condition”

UPDATE: For more, check out the Digital Comics page.

Penance Cries Through 100 Marvel Heroes by Ilias Kyriazis

Illustrator Ilias Kyriazis made a fun mural of his favorite 100 Marvel characters interacting in funny and unique ways. The New Warriors are represented by Penance at number 96.

By Ilias Kyriazis (click for full image)

Click the above pic to see the entire huge image, which you can zoom in and navigate around. You can also see his favorite 30 DC Characters.

Original Art featuring Nova sells for $3,000+

The original art for Mark Bagley and Randy Emberlin’s cover for Amazing Spider-Man #352 from 1991 recently sold for $3,346. Heritage Auctions sold the artwork as part of their Vintage Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction held in Beverly Hills from November 15 to 17th. The entire auction brought in over $5 million. From the listing:

Mark Bagley and Randy Emberlin The Amazing Spider-Man #352 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1991). Spidey and Nova unite against the Tri-Sentinel in this cinematic cover illustration penciled by Mark Bagley and inked by Randy Emberlin. The art has an image area of 10″ x 15″ and it includes the original logo and masthead paste-up copy. Aside from some light buckling in the upper portion logo paste-up area, the work is in Very Good condition.

The issue was one of Mark Bagley’s first issues of Amazing Spider-Man, which he would go on to draw for years before moving on to another lengthy run on Ultimate Spider-Man. Before both of these runs, Bagley was the original artist for New Warriors and these team-up issues between Nova and Spider-Man were a natural transition.

Adam WarRock pays tribute to original New Warriors #1-25

Nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock has released My New Warriors E.P., an 8-track digital release that pays tribute to the original New Warriors issues #1-25 by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley. Each of the original New Warriors gets a song inspired by them, as well as a track for Psionex and the bonus track “Insurance”. Pop rock band The Ampersands make a special appearance for “Firestar”.

Excerpt from the liner notes by Adam WarRock:

I’ve long been a fan of New Warriors since issue 1 of Nicieza and Bagley’s run that started in 1990. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite series. The Marvel Boy trial, the mystery behind Night Thrasher’s family, the introduction of Silhouette, and the flirtation between Nova and Namorita. As much as the series was filled with a lot of humor and goofiness, it remains intensely sad at its core (at least in that first 25 issue run), and that was why I was always drawn to it. I mean, I guess I’m a darker person than I’d like to admit, but when you have team drama mixed with teenage angst, something about it rings true to an actual teenager reading the darn thing. So it’s no surprise that this mixtape EP came out, well, a lot more serious than I ever thought it would be. I hope there’s some positivity in there, as there always was at the end of the tunnel in the comic itself.

You can download the entire EP for free here.


  1. Nova
  2. Firestar (by The Ampersands)
  3. Nita
  4. Astrovik
  5. Night Thrasher
  6. Speedball
  7. Psionex
  8. Insurance (Bonus Track)

Adam WarRock to release My New Warriors EP

Another unique appearance may be coming up.

Nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock looks to be planning to release a new EP, similar to last year’s The West Coast Avengers, which included a track about Darkhawk.

Comics writer/journalist Kevin Church posted his cover design for My New Warriors E.P. (left) to his Tumblr page.

The exact release date is not yet known, although it appears it was going to be this Monday at one point.

All of the covers used are from the first 18 issues of the original New Warriors series, specifically issues #1, 3, 4, 10, 11 and 18.

Rare New Warriors Sketch Cards

Cartoonist Fred Hembeck (Petey Parker, Marvel Age, Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel Universe) has created wonderful New Warriors sketch cards. These one-of-a-kind trading cards depict the original 6 New Warriors in their costumes from New Warriors #1. They’re available now on eBay until the auctions end on April 13, starting at $6.99 each, so get them while you can. Click the image to be taken to each character’s auction page.

Fred Hembeck wrote and drew the first chronological appearance of Speedball in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11 “With Babysitting Comes Great Responsibility!!”, one of his Petey stories of Peter Parker the future Spider-Man as a kid. He also wrote and drew Nova in a couple of issues of Marvel Age where Rich Rider explained his return and the name confusion with Frankie Raye. Nova by Hembeck also appeared in the Fantastic Four Roast.

J is for Justice

Artist/graphic designer Fabian Gonzalez has made a neat poster called ABC Superheroes. And our own Justice (aka Vance Astrovik) was used for the letter J, appearing alongside Superman, Batman, Wolverine and other iconic heroes.

Can you identify all of them?

If you’d like to add this unique appearance to your collection, you can buy different sized prints starting at $13.99, as well as hoodies, t-shirts and other goodies.

(Via Comics Alliance)

Night Thrasher: member of the Teenage Negro Ninja Thrashers?

Was Night Thrasher originally going to be called Black Thrasher?

Was he really going to be on a team called the Teenage Negro Ninja Thrashers?

Find out, and also read about the tragic death of the man connected to both of these questions, Dwayne McDuffie, by clicking here.