Skybolt / Redneck

  • Real name: Vincent “Vin” Stewart
  • Former alias: Redneck
  • Status: Deceased
  • First appearance: New X-Men #126
  • Created by: Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely
  • Number of appearances: 21



  1. New X-Men #126 “All Hell”
  2. New X-Men #135 “Teaching Children About Fractals” Riot at Xavier’s Part One
  3. New X-Men #136 “When X is Not X” Riot at Xavier’s Part Two
  4. New X-Men #137 “Riot at Xavier’s” Riot at Xavier’s Part Three
  5. New X-Men #138 “The Prime of Miss Emma Frost” Riot at Xavier’s Part Four
  6. New X-Men #140 “Murder at the Mansion” Murder at the Mansion Part Two
  7. New Warriors v4 #2 “Defiant Part Two”
  8. New Warriors v4 #3 “Defiant Part Three”
  9. New Warriors v4 #4 “Defiant Part Four”
  10. New Warriors v4 #5 “Defiant Part Five”
  11. New Warriors v4 #6 “Defiant Part Six”
  12. New Warriors v4 #7 “Reunion Part One”
  13. New Warriors v4 #8 “Reunion Part Two”
  14. New Warriors v4 #9 “Thrashed Part One”
  15. New Warriors v4 #10 “Thrashed Part Two”
  16. New Warriors v4 #11 “Thrashed Part Three”
  17. New Warriors v4 #12 “Thrashed Part Four”
  18. New Warriors v4 #13 “Thrashed Conclusion”
  19. New Warriors v4 #14 “Invaded Part One” Secret Invasion
  20. New Warriors v4 #15 “Invaded Part Two” Secret Invasion
  21. New Warriors v4 #16 “Blood and Iron Part One”

11 thoughts on “Skybolt / Redneck”

  1. All of the “New Avengers 18,” their faces and names are on the Collective’s energy signature list, not in the issue as characters. That was just to let you know, I don’t know if you note that or what, but I thought you might like to know.

  2. No problem. Here are some updates, facts you missed. I was just going through my New X-Men issues, and have some issue titles and other bits of info.

    Redeck was definitely in issue 126, but unnamed. But his powers and look are present in an unnamed student at the Institute, being used to stand up to the forces of Cassandra Nova. It is called “All Hell” and is by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, so he was created by Quitely, as it was his first appearance. Tattoo and Radian may be in the crowd, there are two girls who look a bit like Tattoo, but they aren’t as definite as Redneck, as he both looked the same AND demonstrated his powers, while the others can’t be identified for sure.

    Issue 127, NONE of them are in that one. The story is called “of living and dying” and is by Grant Morrison and John Paul Leon, none of the students are in the story, it is a about a Mutant who is too big to even stay alive, his system collapsing, and Xorn reaching out to him. After going through it several times, Tatto, Radian and Redneck are nowhere in sight.

    Issue 134 has Tatoo alone, it is called “Kid Omega(the symbol, not the word)” and it includes her first official appearance, and names her Tattoo. It is by Grant Morrison and Keron Grant.

    Issue 135 is the first named Redneck and the first official appearance of Radian, it is called “teaching children about fractals,” and is by Grant Morrsion and Frank Quitely.

    Issue 136 is called “When X is not X,” and it is by Morrison and Quitley and includes all three

    Issue 137 is called “Riot at Xavier’s,” and issue 138 is called “The Prime of Miss Emma Frost,” all by Morrison and Quitely and with all three of these characters

    Issue 140 has another Redneck appearance, in jail, visited by Bishop, in the story by Morrison and Jimenez called “Murder at the Mansion.”

    Hope that is helpful.

  3. Oh, and I just noticed, amongst all the updating, Skybolt/Redneck isn’t listed as appearing in 138, the last part of the “Omega Gang” story arc called “The Prime of Miss Emma Frost.” Other than that, all three look right on to me.

  4. He did include it — it was just mushed in with his paragraph about #137.

    Really, Corey, you need to just buy the New X-Men Omnibus and get it over with. Dem’s good readin’.


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