Timeline (Beta)


This is an attempt to track the in-universe passage of time as it pertains to the New Warriors. So far I’ve done the first 27 issues of the original New Warriors series, the Kings of Pain and The Hero Killers crossovers, the team’s first appearance in two issues of Thor, and their guest appearances in two Avengers issues, as collected in the New Warriors Omnibus Vol. 1. Obviously this is all pretty slippery and subjective (for example, placing vague references to “months” or “weeks”). It’s all open to debate, so let’s hear it in the comments! One note: I have yet to take into consideration Namorita’s adventures in Namor’s solo series happening concurrently, or other guest appearances during this same time period.

Because of the ever-shifting condensed passage of time in the Marvel Universe, traditional years won’t be used. Instead it will all be based off Year W – the year the New Warriors first debuted in the Marvel Universe. However, for the sake of specific calendar dates, I am using an actual year as a framework. To start, I’m going with 1989, since the New Warriors first appeared during that summer’s Acts of Vengeance event, and the first issues of the series rotate around that story.

Each entry has the possible fictional date, the issues included (along with story title, cover dates and a brief summary of events). The bracketed info below each entry contains quotes from the issue(s) and other information that informed my placement, as well as clues about character ages and other time indicators. I’m also including pop culture references if I notice them. They can help but they will only have so much influence due to the discrepancy between Marvel Time and our world’s normal passage of time.

Before we get into that, though, there’s the matter of historic events that tie into flashbacks or character backgrounds. And so:

Pre-Year W

1600-1200 BCE: Moses challenged an unnamed Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt to free his Hebrew people. The Pharoah’s wizard failed to best Moses and was exiled from Egypt. The wizard spent years living a nomadic existence until he discovered the Temple of Ka, which housed the Ka Stone. Exposure to the Ka Stone transformed him, leaving him overwhelmed and confused. A poor outcast nursed him back to health over an unknown period of time. The outcast fell in love with the wizard, but he did not return her affection. He eventually left her as an unrequited love, and later took on the mantle of the Sphinx, spending centuries trying to end the immortality the Ka Stone granted him. Exposure to the Ka Stone energies from the Sphinx also turned the outcast into a perpetual incarnate with full memories of her previous lives. Over the centuries, she plotted to reunite with the Sphinx and reveal her feelings for him. (New Warriors #11-12)

1900: Soon after the turn of the century, Tai was born in Cambodia, raised as part of the Cult of the Dragon’s Breadth.

1918: Genetech CEO Harmon Furmintz was born. (New Warriors #4)

1933: Genetech CEO Harmon Furmintz graduated from Stanford University at the age of 15. (New Warriors #4)

1940: Genetech CEO Harmon Furmintz was entered as a candidate for what became the Super Soldier Project. He was later rejected from the program. (New Warriors #4)

Circa 1945: After the end of World War II, Tai gave birth to Miyami, the first of her generation prophesied to mate with men from the east.

1950s: Genetech CEO Harmon Furmintz worked with Howard Stark. (New Warriors #4)

1955-1975: Vietnam War

  • Chord served three tours. (New Warriors #8)
  • 1966: The Half-Fulls, a unit of six United States soldiers, were assigned to secure a landing base for aircraft on the Bolaven Plateau in Cambodia, north of the Kong River, neighboring north Vietnam. The unit consisted of Chord, the Left Hand, and the fathers of Night Thrasher, Silk Fever, Bloodstrike and Smiling Tiger. They discovered the Temple of the Dragon’s Breadth and all but Night Thrasher’s father entered into a pact with Tai and her daughters. They spent three weeks being taught the prophecies of the Dragon’s Breadth by Tai. In the real world, Bolaven Plateau is located in Laos, 82 miles north of Cambodia. (New Warriors #23)
  • Father Janes served as a soldier in Vietnam, and his actions inadvertently led to a Vietnamese boy becoming The Bengal. Janes was court-martialed, found guilty, and served 14 years in the Marine Corps Brig, Quantico, Virginia. In the real world, Quantico existed from 1972 to 2011 and was only used for short term holding of 90 days or less, not exceeding 1 year. (New Warriors #8)
  • A young Cambodian girl was exposed to an experimental napalm; she would become Firewall, aka Silk Fever. (New Warriors #8)

August 15-18, 1969: The Woodstock Music & Arts Festival

  • Jupiter’s parents attended. (New Warriors #3)
  • Speedball’s mother Maddie Naylor attended. (New Warriors #9)

1973: Chord met Cable while on a mercenary mission in North Africa. (New Warriors Annual #1)

Circa 1975: The Left Hand returned to civilian life following his military service. Six months later, his chosen wife from the Temple of the Dragon’s Breadth joined him in the United States.

Circa 1980: An elevator accident killed the wife of The Left Hand and left their daughter in a coma.

1982: Chord first signed checks involving the Taylor Foundation in questionable dealings. The company would later be involved with Roxxon Oil, Latveria, Justin Hammer, Arnim Zola, AIM, and other entities with criminal connections. (New Warriors #18)

April 20, 1985: The Taylor Foundation provided start-up costs for the Genetech Research facility. (New Warriors #18)

Circa 1986: Father Janes was released from Quantico on parole, and started serving neighborhoods through churches. (New Warriors #8)

October 13, 1987, 2:45 P.M.: Energies from the original Proteus dispersed in Scotland. (New Warriors Annual #1)

Year W-1

  • Thu., December 1 (1988) – Sun., January 1
    Flashback in New Warriors #2 “Mirror Moves” (August 1990): Dwayne Taylor began crime-fighting as Night Thrasher. He stumbled onto a drug sting operation by Midnight’s Fire and Silhouette, two siblings also trying to clean up the streets. The three decided to team up and began preparing for the next operation.

[Midnight’s Fire: “They change drop points every month. We received the address for their next location. Now we have a month to plan.” (New Warriors #2)]
[Night Thrasher: “We spent three weeks planning, then we trashed that gang’s operation.” (New Warriors #2]

Year W

  • Sun., January 1 – Wed., March 1
    Flashback in New Warriors #2 “Mirror Moves” (August 1990): Night Thrasher, Midnight’s Fire and Silhouette worked together for a few months until a mission went wrong.

[Night Thrasher: “We’d been working together for a few months, the three of us, and we were setting up another gang.” (New Warriors #2)]
[Night Thrasher: “That was months ago. I kept going. Alone.” (New Warriors #2)]

  • Tue., May 9 – Wed., May 10
    New Warriors #1 “From the Ground Up!” (July 1990): Night Thrasher formed the New Warriors who battled Terrax.

[Batman was released in theaters on July 23, 1989, preceded and followed by tons of merchandise, such as the Batman muscle shirt seen in this issue (New Warriors #1)]
[Marvel Boy: “Does this have more capacity than a Cray?”. The Cray-2 was a super-computer released by Cray Research starting in 1985. It had 2 gigabytes of RAM. It was considered the world’s fastest computer until 1990.]
[Chord: “Not quite. But it’s got more gigabytes than a MacIntosh!” Apple Computers released the MacIntosh SE/30 on January 19, 1989. It could hold up to 128 megabytes of data. That was a huge amount for personal computers at the time, but is significantly less than 1 gigabyte. (New Warriors #1)]
[Student: “Hey, Don, I think I saw that on an episode of Alien Nation.” The FOX TV series aired for one season from February 18, 1989 until May 7, 1990. (New Warriors #1)]
[Nova: “Actually we just met last night.” (New Warriors #1)]
[Quasar joined and She-Hulk re-joined the Avengers in Avengers #305. The issue was cover-dated July 1989 and released on Tuesday, March 21, 1989.]

  • Wed., June 7
    Flashback in New Warriors #7 “The Inhuman Condition” (December 1990): Ditmil Pirvat and his family were struck by experimental energies from a malfunctioning satellite.

[Star Thief: “Months ago, I was named Ditmil Pirvat – a native of India.” (New Warriors #7)]

  • Wed., August 9
    The Mighty Thor #411 “The Gentleman’s Name is Juggernaut!” (December 1989) and The Mighty Thor #412 “Introducing…The New Warriors!” (Mid-December 1989): The New Warriors helped Thor battle the Juggernaut.

[April 15: Fine Young Cannibals’ “She Drives Me Crazy” hits #1 on US Billboard chart (Thor #411)]
[Firestar: “I’ve been dreading this call for weeks!” (Thor #411)]
[“A special session of Congress has been called to discuss the alleged war on super heroes” (aka Acts of Vengeance); US Congress in the real world has an annual recess every August (Thor #412)]

  • Sun., August 13
    New Warriors Annual #1 “Origin of the New Warriors: Namorita” (1991): Namorita recounted her past to a college friend.


  • Tue., August 22 – Wed., August 23
    New Warriors #2 “Mirror Moves” (August 1990): Midnight’s Fire resurfaced to exact revenge from Night Thrasher for his sister’s injuries.

[Walter Rosen: “I witnessed their heroics firsthand a few months ago.” (New Warriors #2)]

  • Mon., August 28, Mon., September 11 – Fri., September 15
    New Warriors #3 “I Am, Therefore I Think” (September 1990): Genetech hired the Mad Thinker to obtain information on the New Warriors.

[Mad Thinker: “Two weeks later, my plan begins in the main dormitory for the students of Empire State University…” (New Warriors #3)]
[Mad Thinker: “…Friday at 10 P.M….” (New Warriors #3)]
[Mad Thinker: “Tuesday afternoon.” (New Warriors #3)]
[Mad Thinker: “Wednesday morning.” (New Warriors #3)]
[Mad Thinker” “Wednesday evening.” (New Warriors #3)]
[Nova: “Haven’t heard from him in three weeks.” (New Warriors #3)]
[Mad Thinker: “Thursday morning.” (New Warriors #3)]

  • Sat., October 7
    New Warriors #4 “Genetech Potential” (October 1990): The New Warriors broke into Genetech.

[Narration: “Sayville, Long Island. 10:20 P.M.” (New Warriors #4)]
[Namorita: “But we talked about it for weeks…!” (New Warriors #4)]

  • Sun., October 15 – Tue., October 17, and Fri., October 20 – Sat., October 21
    New Warriors #5 “The Man Who Stole Tomorrow” (November 1990) and New Warriors #6 “The Inhuman Condition” (December 1990): The New Warriors investigated conflicting issues surrounding a space launch.

[“Let’s hope we don’t have the same problems as India did a few months ago…”; Liberal use of “few months ago” – India had a failed launch on July 13, 1988: Rohini payload fell into the Bay of Bengal when the vehicle became unstable and broke up soon after release of the booster rockets. (New Warriors #5)]
[Narration: “The next day” (New Warriors #5)]
[Marvel Boy: “See you tomorrow.” (New Warriors #5)]
[Narration: “…Namorita Prentiss is in the middle of a busy Tuesday schedule.” (New Warriors #5)]
[Ms. Truesdale: “Chapters three and four by Thursday – and some of you still haven’t come for midterm reviews!”; winter midterms are generally in mid-October. (New Warriors #5)]
[Speedball: “I’ll see you in three weeks.” (New Warriors #5)]
[Approximate travel time from New York City to Babyun Islands, The Philippines (fictional version of Babuyan Islands?: 18-20 hours]
[Speedball: “…there’s also been a three-year project waiting list since the Challenger disaster…”; Challenger disaster: January 28, 1986 (New Warriors #5)]
[Approximate travel time from New York City to Cairo, Egypt: 12-14 hours (New Warriors #6)]
[Karnak: “It will arrive in a day’s time” (New Warriors #6)]
[Narration: “Sixteen hours pass” (New Warriors #6)]

  • Tue., November 7 – Wed., November 8
    New Warriors #7 “Hard Choices Part One: The Heart of the Hunter” (January 1991), New Warriors #8 “Hard Choices Part Two: Devils at the Doorstep” (February 1991) [NYC sequences] and New Warriors #9 “Hard Choices Part Three: Following the Line Along the Middle” (March 1991) [NYC sequences]: Night Thrasher helped Silhouette and Father Janes deal with the Bengal and the Punisher.
  • Thu., November 9
    New Warriors #7 “Hard Choices Part One: The Heart of the Hunter” (January 1991) [Brazil sequences], New Warriors #8 “Hard Choices Part Two: Devils at the Doorstep” (February 1991) [Brazil sequences], New Warriors #9 “Hard Choices Part Three: Following the Line Along the Middle” (March 1991) [Brazil sequences], and New Warriors #10 “Rumble” (April 1991): The rest of the New Warriors traveled to Brazil to rescue Speedball’s mother from an eco-terrorist group. The entire team came home to an attack from the White Queen and her Hellions.

[Silhouette: “The metal of my braces sucks in the November chill like a hungry child.” (New Warriors #7)]
[Silhouette: “I’ve been so alone for so many months that I’ve forgotten what companionship is like.” (New Warriors #7)]
[Father Janes: “I haven’t seen you for a few months.” (New Warriors #7)]
[Speedball: “…you told me you’d be home by six…” (New Warrior #7)]
[Speedball: “…we haven’t heard from mom in three weeks…” (New Warriors #7)]
[Marvel Boy: “Meeting’s in a few hours.” (New Warriors #7)]
[Marvel Boy: “Maybe I should get a job during the winter break?” (New Warriors #7)]
[Speedball: “She went down to Brazil almost two months ago…she was supposed to be home three weeks ago.” (New Warriors #7)]
[Speedball: “It took us a few hours for Chord to get the right documents from the Taylor Foundation. Another six to fly down to Belem, Brazil. Geez…a couple of months ago, it was the Philippines.” (New Warriors #7)]
[Chord: “Exactly how old are you?” Speedball: “Fifteen!” (New Warriors #7)]
[Speedball: “…we’ll start fresh in the morning.” (New Warriors #7)]
[Skybreaker: “And tomorrow, those children will die!” (New Warriors #7)]
[Silhouette: “The sun is setting outside. I must have slept for hours.” (New Warriors #7)]
[Silhouete: “By ten that night, we are on the church, waiting.” (New Warriors #7)]
[Punisher: “Her brother’s Chinatown gang had been involved in some illegal armament activity a few months ago.” (New Warriors #8)]
[Speedball: “We’ve been cutting through the Amazon Jungle for three hours now.” (New Warriors #8)]
[Punisher: “Computer–rewind file tape to 10:33.00…” (New Warriors #8)]
[Speedball: “We were dragged for an hour, deeper into the jungle.” (New Warriors #8)]
[Punisher: “That’s how she got away last night.” (New Warriors #9)]
[Silhouette: “I have not seen him since he was jailed months ago.” (New Warriors #9)]
[Night Thrasher: “I was only four when my parents were killed.” (New Warriors #9)]
[White Queen: “…tamper with the Hellfire Club in recent months.” (New Warriors #9)]
[Travel time out of Amazon Jungle to Belem, Brazil to NYC: approximately 7-10 hours]

  • Sun., November 12 – Mon., November 13
    New Mutants Annual #7 (1991) “Pawns of Senescence” Kings of Pain Part 1: Genetech called the New Warriors to help protect them.

[Narration: “Vermont. 10:38 P.M.” (New Mutants Annual #7)]
[Narration: “Twenty minutes later…” (New Mutants Annual #7)]
[Narration: “Sayville, Long Island…9:15 A.M.” (New Mutants Annual #7)]
[Walter Rosen: “Last night, at approximately 10:30 P.M.,…our on-site team was there in less than two hours.” (New Mutants Annual #7)]
[Narration: “Manhattan, New York, 9:45 A.M.” (New Mutants Annual #7)]
[Narration: “Vail, Colorado. 11:21 A.M.” (New Mutants Annual #7)]
[Narration: “Niagara Falls. 2:43 P.M.” (New Mutants Annual #7)]
[Narration: “Vail, Colorado. 3:13 P.M.” (New Mutants Annual #7)]
[Narration: “9:55 P.M.” (New Mutants Annual #7)]

  • Mon., November 13 – Tues., November 14
    New Warriors Annual #1 (1991) “Errant Knights” Kings of Pain Part 2: The New Warriors teamed up with the New Mutants.

[Narration: “Twenty minutes later in Brooklyn, New York.” (New Warriors Annual #1)]

  • Wed., November 15
    Uncanny X-Men Annual #15 (1991) “Queens of Sacrifice” and X-Factor Annual #6 “King of Pain” (1991): Proteus was resurrected.

[Travel time from New York to Scotland: 7-8 hours]
[Madrox: “They’ve been trying to contact us for hours.” (Uncanny X-Men Annual #15)]
[AIM: “…we lost contact with our operative over six hours ago.” (X-Factor Annual #6)]
[Cable: “We’ve been waiting for hours.” (X-Factor Annual #6)]

  • Thu., November 23
    New Warriors Annual #1 “Origins of the New Warriors: Night Thrasher” (1991): Night Thrasher visited his parent’s gravesite.
  • Fri., November 24
    New Warriors Annual #1 “Origins of the New Warriors: Marvel Boy” (1991): Marvel Boy updated his journal.

[Marvel Boy: “I was normal until I turned thirteen… I met Major Vance Astro of the Guardians of the Galaxy.” (New Warriors Annual #1)]
[Marvel Boy: “After months of his abuse, I left home.” (New Warriors Annual #1)]

  • Sat., November 25
    New Warriors Annual #1 “Origins of the New Warriors: Speedball” (1991) and New Warriors Annual #1 “Origins of the New Warriors: Firestar” (1991): Speedball fed Niels the Cat. The White Queen reviewed her file on Firestar.
  • Sun., November 26
    New Warriors Annual #1 “To Bounce or Not to Bounce” (1991): Speedball took an experimental chemical from Genetech to analyze his powers.

[Chord: “It’ll take an hour… It’s noon now, so be back at one.” (New Warriors Annual #1)]

  • Mon., November 27
    New Warriors #11 “Forever Yesterday Part One: Days of Present Past” (May 1991), New Warriors #12 “Forever Yesterday Part Two: A Betrayal of Hope” (June 1991) and New Warriors #13 “Forever Yesterday Part Three: A World for the Winning” (July 1991): Reality and history was temporarily altered by a new Sphinx.
  • Tue., December 12 – Wed., December 13
    New Warriors #14 “The Breeze of an Underwater Wind” (August 1991): Namorita was brutalized.

[Narration: “Staten Island, New York. 10:35 P.M.” (New Warriors #14)]
[Namorita: “Since the rest of the Warriors’ve been kind of weirded out the last few weeks…” (New Warriors #14)]
[Speedball: “I’ve had these cockamamie powers for less than a year!” (New Warriors #14)]
[Narration: “…in Midtown Manhattan, hours later…” (New Warriors #14)]
[Narration: Hours later, three hundred miles off the coast of North Carolina…” (New Warriors #14)]
[Sub-Mariner: “She has been gone for almost twenty-four hours!” (New Warriors #14)]

  • Fri., December 15
    New Warriors #15 “The Sushi People” (September 1991), New Warriors #16 “Ground War” (October 1991), New Warriors #17 “Sore Winners” (November 1991) and New Warriors Annual #1 “Origins of the New Warriors: Kid Nova” (1991): The New Warriors attempted to contain a re-powered Terrax. Nova returned home and talked with his brother.

[Narration: “Early evening over Manhattan…” (New Warriors #15)]
[New Jack City: released in US movie theaters on March 8, 1991.]
[Speedball: “Study! Study! Study!” Namorita: “Of course, I should be studying…”. Winter break for schools in the US typically lasts 2-6 weeks from mid-late December, generally preceded by last-minute cramming for tests and quizzes.]
[Narration: “Terrax has been on a rampage for the last several hours.” (New Warriors #17)]
[Night Thrasher: “This is what months of hard work comes down to?” (New Warriors #17)]
[Nova: “After a year in space, I finally got to go home…” (New Warriors Annual #1)]

  • Tue., December 19 – Wed., December 20
    Avengers #341 “Rage of Angels” (November 1991) and Avengers #342 “By Reason of Insanity?” (December 1991): The New Warriors and the Avengers discovered the Hate Monger.

[Lynn Isley: “This was the scene two days ago…” (Avengers #341)]
[Narration: “Two hours later…” (Avengers #341)]
[Edna Staples: “My grandson – the man you know as Rage – is only fourteen years old!” (Avengers #341)]

Year W+1

  • Mon., March 5
    New Warriors #18 “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Taylor Foundation But Were Afraid to Ask” (December 1991): Night Thrasher uncovered secrets about the Taylor Foundation.

[Marvel Boy: “Why’d you want me to come all the way out here before our meeting tonight?” (New Warriors #18)]
[Nova: “Hey, Thrash cancelled yesterday an’ Chord just rescheduled two hours ago.” (New Warriors #18)]
[Night Thrasher: “I looked through five years of fiscal records and checked off at least seventy-five questionable dealings.”]
[Night Thrasher: “TF has eight accounts with the B.C.C.I.!”]
[The BCCI is the acronym for the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, an international bank that was revealed to be involved in historically massive money laundering schemes and other financial crimes. After extensive investigations and lawsuits, it was finally forced to shut down starting on July 5, 1991.]
[Chord: “And he hasn’t been home in days.” (New Warriors #18)]
[Night Thrasher: “Checks signed off on by Chord since 1982!”]

  • Tue., March 6
    New Warriors #19 “Sympathy for the Devil” (January 1992): The New Warriors attacked Gideon for answers on his connection to the Taylor Foundation.

[Approximate travel time from New York City to Vail, Colorado: 6-7 hours]

  • Wed., March 7 – Thu., March 8
    New Warriors #20 “The Breaking Point” (February 1992): The New Warriors investigated Taylor Foundation connections with yakuza clans in Japan, while back home Marvel Boy was physically abused by his father again.

[Narration: “10:35 P.M. The Ancestral Home of Clan Yashida outside of Tokyo, Japan.”]
[Night Thrasher: “The information Gideon gave us two days ago showed there are ties between certain Japanese yakuza gangs and Taylor Foundation activity.” (New Warriors #20)]
[Narration: “7:35 P.M. Chinatown. Manhattan.”]
[Narration: “8:20 P.M. Saugerties, New York.”]
[Tokyo is 14 hours ahead of New York, so the Chinatown scene probably happens the previous day, Wednesday night. The Saugerties scene happens 15 minutes before the opening Tokyo scene on Thursday.]
[Narration: “11:53 P.M. The Marina Shipping District, Shizuoka, Japan.]
[Getting to Shizuoka from Tokyo usually takes about two and a half hours by car or an hour and 45 minutes by public transportation. Maybe Clan Yashida chartered a private jet to fly them down while they briefed them on Tatsu’o.]
[Marvel Boy: “Wish Nita and I didn’t have midterms so we could’ve gone to Japan with the others.”]
[In American colleges and universities, Spring midterms are typically in March.]

  • Mon., March 12
    New Warriors #21
     “The Folding Circle” (March 1992) [NYC sequences]: Silhouette was attacked by Tai at Chord’s bedside. The others rallied around Marvel Boy following his arrest from striking back at his father.

[Firestar: “I’ve been trying to get a hold of him for two days since we got back from Japan.”]
[Narration: “Ninety minutes later…”]
[Foggy Nelson: “He’s had a rough couple of days, guys.”]
[Flight from Japan to New York takes about 14 hours. Assuming the New Warriors left the next morning after the end of last issue, they would arrive in New York early Saturday morning.]

  • Tue., March 13
    New Warriors #21 “The Folding Circle” (March 1992) [Switzerland and Hong Kong sequences]: Night Thrasher traveled to the Hong Kong office of the Taylor Foundation and was attacked by the Folding Circle.

[Bloodstrike: “In one week we’ve made a cool mil…”]
[The Left Hand: “By this time tomorrow…”]
[Night Thrasher: “The access code Tatsu’o gave me in Japan a few days ago after the others left…”]

  • Tue., March 13
    New Warriors #22
    “The Stolen Children” Nothing But the Truth Part One (April 1992) [NYC sequences]: The New Warriors reunited with Silhouette and discovered Tai was responsible for the corruption of the Taylor Foundation. Rage and Darkhawk were recruited to help steal a Quinjet to get to Cambodia to help Night Thrasher.

[Nova: “…even Sil’s been missing for two days — !”]
[Namorita: “Hey, Eldon, it’s been a few weeks.”]

  • Wed., March 14
    New Warriors #22 “The Stolen Children” Nothing But the Truth Part One (April 1992), New Warriors #23 “Passed Lies” Nothing But the Truth Part Two (May 1992), New Warriors #24 “The Cheating Corner” Nothing But the Truth Part Three (June 1992) and New Warriors #25 “Justifiable Homicide” Nothing But the Truth Part Four (July 1992) [Cambodia sequences]: Night Thrasher, Folding Circle and the New Warriors all converged at the Temple for the Dragon’s Breadth, where they discovered the truth behind Tai’s machinations.

[Narration: “Inside a seedy hotel room in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, Dwayne Taylor has been unconscious for the last fourteen hours. Five minutes ago, he woke up.” (New Warriors #22)]
[Night Thrasher: “Hand — we’ve been slugging our way through this jungle for hours!”(New Warriors #22)]
[The Left Hand: “Twenty four years has done nothing to diminish my memory, Midnight’s Fire.”(New Warriors #22)]
[Night Thrasher: “Chord was here — years ago, when he served in Vietnam!” (New Warriors #23)]
[Travel time from New York to Cambodia is about 11-13 hours.]
[Tai: “It began in 1966. A unit of soldiers from the United States was scouring the Plateau dus Bolovens north of the Se Kong River looking to create a landing base for their aircraft to wage war on the North Vietnamese.” (New Warriors #23)]
[The Left Hand: “The pact was broken because Taylor’s father refused to participate in it twenty five years ago!”(New Warriors #23)]
[Rachel Dreyfuss: “Ms… Firestar, how long have you known the defendant?” Firestar: “Almost a year now.”(New Warriors #23)]
[Narration: “The Temple of the Dragon’s Breadth, on the Plateau dus Bolovens, north of the Se Kong River, Cambodia.” (New Warriors #24)]
[Plateau dus Bolovens, more commonly called the Bolaven Plateau in English, is located in southern Laos, about 80 miles north of Cambodia. Apparently in the Marvel Universe, the Cambodia/Laos border is at least 80 miles north of its current location in our world. Either way, the Plateau was a hotly contested region during the Vietnam War because of its strategic location. In the late 1960s, it became one of the most heavily-bombed areas in the Vietnam War.]
[Tai: “My temperamental reaction towards your father’s initial refusal those twenty-five years ago…” (New Warriors #24)]
[The Left Hand first says the 1966 mission happened 24 years ago and then later says 25 years ago. The second time is more heated so he could just be rounding up. Tai establishing 1966 in the flashback and then also references the passage of 25 years. So this means that in-story, it is probably 1990, which lines up with where I have it, or possibly 1991.]
[Tai: “I spent the next three weeks preaching the gospel to the fathers of the Folding Circle.” (New Warriors #24)]
[Narration: “Inside the Temple of the Dragon’s Breadth, on the Plateau Dus Bolovens, north of the Se Kong River, in Kampuchea.” (New Warriors #25)]
[Kampuchea is a somewhat more authentic English translation of the country’s name, which is more commonly called Cambodia as the official English name. Kampuchea appeared in the official English name for the country from 1975 until May 1989.]
[The Left Hand: “Six months after I was shipped out of Vietnam, my chosen bride-mate from the Temple came to live in the United States. … until five years later, tragedy struck… An accident — an elevator fell — my wife and daughter were in it… For over ten long years, I wandered the world — studied the mystic arts.” (New Warriors #25)]
[Tai: “Then, after an absence of five years, I returned… Days later, I forced Chord to play my hand. … Six year old Dwayne watched his ‘uncle’ murder his parents in cold blood.” (New Warriors #25)]

  • Wed., March 14 – Tue., March 27
    New Warriors #22 “The Stolen Children” Nothing But the Truth Part One (April 1992), New Warriors #23 “Passed Lies” Nothing But the Truth Part Two (May 1992), New Warriors #24 “The Cheating Corner” Nothing But the Truth Part Three (June 1992) and New Warriors #25 “Justifiable Homicide” Nothing But the Truth Part Four (July 1992) [NYC sequences]: The trial of Vance Astrovik

[Foggy Nelson: “Because thirty hours ago, your friends broke into Avengers Mansion and stole a Quinjet!” (New Warriors #24)]
[Foggy Nelson: “Mrs. Astrovik, when did your husband start beating your son?” Norma Astrovik: “When Vance was a teenager — about thirteen.” (New Warriors #24)]
[Rachel Dreyfuss: “…an overweight forty-six year old man…” in reference to Marvel Boy’s father Arnold Astrovik. (New Warriors #25)]
[Judge: “You are hereby sentenced to an incarceration to be carried out in the minimum security wing of the federal facility for superhumans known as the Vault to a term of no more than three years and no less than fourteen months!” (New Warriors #25)]
[It’s unheard of that an entire court case would happen in one day, especially with all of the witnesses called to testify. At least two news reports that open up trial scenes use “today” as if time has passed since the last development. From my limited research, it seems most murder trials take 5-10 days. Considering the number of witnesses and the high profile of the case, I’m going to put it at just short of 2 weeks.]

  • Mon., March 19
    New Warriors Annual #2 “Days and Knights Part Three: Silhouette”: Silhouette met with Mr. Fantastic about his stolen unstable molecule patents.

[Mr. Fantastic: “Haven’t seen the Warriors since that incident with Terrax.” Editor’s Note: NW’s #16 & 17. –Danny”.]

  • Thu., March 29 – Fri., March 30
    New Warriors #26 “The Next Step” (August 1992): Marvel Boy was sent to the Vault.

[Vance Astrovik: “After being stuck for two days in that winnebago, I’m itching for some action!” (New Warriors #26)]
[Scott Washington: “Vance, I know how rough the last few weeks have been.” (New Warriors #26)]
[Narration: “The next day, somewhere over the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.” (New Warriors #26)]
[Silhouette: “Where have you been for the last two days?!” (New Warriors #26)]
[Silhouette: “I asked Doctor Richards to make a few outfits out of unstable molecules for me.”]

  • Sat., March 31 – Sun., April 1
    Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26 “Fortune and Steel” The Hero Killers Part One (1992), Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12 “Down & Downer” The Hero Killers Part Two (1992), Web of Spider-Man Annual #8 “The Dark at the End of the Tunnel” The Hero Killers Part Three (1992) and New Warriors Annual #2 “Questions of Power” The Hero Killers Part Four (1992): The New Warriors teamed up with Spider-Man to free Speedball from the Sphinx and his new Target Technologies operation.

[Spider-Man: “I already broke my word to Venom.” Editor’s note: “In ASM #363. –Danny” (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26)]
[Amazing Spider-Man #363, cover-dated June 1992, went on sale Tuesday, April 14, 1992. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26 went on sale Tuesday, June 16, 1992.]
[Lorna: “We’ve been grid-searching for days.” (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26)]
[The whole adventure takes place on a Saturday, running late into the night and into the start of the next morning. The last panel of the story in New Warriors Annual #2 shows a sunrise of Sunday morning.]

  • Thu. April 5
    New Warriors #27 “Dark Sides” Infinity War (September 1992): Speedball and Rage confront evil duplicates during the Infinity War.

[Speedball: “I did give you a new costume last week, didn’t I?”]
[Speedball: “Looks like Los Angeles-lite down there.” Possibly a reference to the Los Angeles riots from April 29-May 4, 1992]
[Speedball: “He thinks Speedball’s responsible for everything wrong from the trade deficit to Hammer’s last album.” In 1992, the United States trade balance, after recovering from a dip in the ’80s, began to plummet. The deficit, created by the United States importing more goods than it exported, stirred concern from conservative economists and pundits, some of whom said the trade deficit was one of the most urgent problems facing America. Meanwhile, M.C. Hammer shortened his name to just Hammer in 1991, and then released the album Too Legit to Quit on October 29, 1991. While not outselling the artist’s breakout Please, Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em, it was still a certified hit.]
[Speedball: “She only found out a couple of months ago.” We have it as 5 months ago that Speedball’s mother found out about her son’s superhero identity.]
[Speedball: “I’ll gladly pay you on Tuesday…” This is a reference to a phrase frequently used by Wimpy from the Popeye comic strip, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today,” first appearing in 1932.]

  • Fri., April 20
    New Warriors Annual #2 “Days and Knights” [except the Silhouette chapter]: Firestar’s father was laid off his factory job. Nova met Laura Dunham. Speedball’s parents revealed they would be getting a divorce. Namorita agreed to talk with Project: Earth after Sea Urchin dodged legal prosecution.

[Narration: “The school year is almost over.”]
[Jupiter: “Summer’s coming, she’s getting her license next month and we’re gonna be Seniors next year. What’s she so sour about?” Kelly: “She’s been bummin’ for weeks, Jupes.”]
[Firestar: “It’s already been three weeks and I miss you more and more every day.”]


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