Added Nova: Nova Corpse

nova v5 11 - sam remembers head injuriesHappy New Year!

I took a little break, although I haven’t been completely silent. I’m now on Twitter posting about site updates, New Warriors and comics in general. I’m tweeting about new releases each week for single issues, collected editions and digital, plus celebrating the anniversary of each New Warriors’ first appearance with special birthday threads looking at their history. So far I’ve celebrated the birthdays of Darkhawk, Hummingbird, and Jubilee. Next birthday is next Saturday!

But back to why we’re here:

Nova‘s third collected edition compiled Nova vol. 5 #11-16. It also included the second story in Nova vol. 5 #10, which was added previously. Note the pun in the title. The Nova Corps (pronounced “core”) were the intergalactic peace-keeping force of Xandar. The title Nova Corpse (pronounced “corps”) referenced the dead Novas that were found by Sam Alexander during this story arc. Obviously Sam Alexander appeared throughout this story. We also got a flashback to Richard Rider as Nova.

nova v5 11 - nova takes nova k'thol helmet

Halfway through this story, New Warriors volume 5 was launched. Originally I had this story arc split up but in looking back, I decided it worked better uninterrupted. Only about two days passed through these issues, so there was very little time for Sam to have an adventure with the New Warriors. This may change as I reassess New Warriors volume 5 itself but for now, Nova vol. 5 #11-16 have all been moved to the last phase of Limbo Part 4.

nova v5 11 - nova map leads to dead novas

A closer look at each issue:

Nova vol. 5 #11 had 19 pages of Nova. Sam’s blindness was revealed to be temporary, and caused by his helmet projecting a map over his vision to lead Sam to dead Novas (or their helmets at least).

nova v5 12 - nova finds nova ship

Nova vol. 5 #12 had 16 pages of Nova plus 1 additional page with his narration only but he didn’t physically appear on the page. Nova met Cadivan, a bounty-hunter and trophy hunter, who outsmarted him over a Nova helmet. Nova then flew to answer a distress call from a Nova ship, which had been taken over by Captain Skaarn and his crew.

nova v5 13 - nova vs beta ray bill 1

Nova vol. 5 #13.NOW had Sam on 20 pages. He met Beta Ray Bill, who explained Nova was wrong about helping Skaarn. After a good ol’ fashion superhero fight, the two agreed to team up to correct Sam’s mistake.

nova v5 14 - flashback to richard rider nova saving beta ray bill 2

Nova vol. 5 #14 had 15 pages of Sam Alexander Nova (plus another page of a hologram of Sam that Sam himself created, so probably safe to count that one too). There were also 2 pages of Richard Rider Nova in a flashback. Beta Ray Bill told the story of how he was saved by Richard Rider before he gained his Thor-like appearance and powers. Beta Ray Bill first appeared in Thor #337 from 1983, when he first transformed, so this flashback had to happen before that. Richard Rider was returned to Earth powerless in Rom #24, released in 1981, so this scene would have to take place after Nova vol. 1 #25, when Nova headed into space, and before Rom #24. It seemed to work best taking place after Fantastic Four #214, which was the conclusion to story threads started at the end of Nova vol. 1. I’m generally not a fan of inserting flashbacks like this into the time they take place, as I feel it can really lead to big spoilers for someone reading in the order laid out. But for now that’s what I’m going to do since it is such an isolated scene. The rest of the issue took place in the present and showed Sam and Beta Ray Bill tracking Skaarn down to Knowhere.

nova v5 15 - nova and cosmo

Nova vol. 5 #15 had 19 pages of Sam Alexander as Nova. He and Beta Ray Bill are split up and Sam had to fight three disgraced Galadorian Space Knights (another Rom connection). He also met and helped heal Cosmo.

nova v5 16 - nova vs skaarn

Nova vol. 5 #16 had 20 pages of Nova, with Sam and Beta Ray Bill defeating Skaarn and also reclaiming the Nova helmets from Skaarn and Cadivan. The downside was that Nova made an enemy of Janin, a now-free slave from Skaarn’s ship. After holding a burial for the Nova used to power Skaarn’s ship, Sam returned home to find his family had been evicted from their home.

nova v5 16 - nova returns home to find eviction notice


Removed All-New Invaders #3

There was a single-panel appearance of Speedball in All-New Invaders #3 but it was just an image of him and various other Avengers on a monitor as Captain America called Thor. He appeared in the lower left corner behind Jim Hammond’s right hand. Since it wasn’t actually Speedball in the scene, the issue has been removed from the site.

Added A+X #17

One more quick update for today: Nova had a single-panel cameo in the first story of A+X #17.

Broo, a student of the Jean Grey School, was previously established to be a fan of the Nova Corps in Wolverine and the X-Men #9, where he gave a class report on why he should be a member of the Nova Corps. In A+X #17, Broo spent a day interning for Iron Man, who introduced him to the then-current Nova, Sam Alexander.

This was placed at the end of Phase Ten of Limbo Part 4. We’re very close to finishing Limbo Part 4. There are probably just a couple of more updates to this section and then we’ll be ready to finally move on to Volume 5!

Added Fantastic Four #16

The end of Fantastic Four vol. 4 had a backup story very similar to what we saw at the end of FF vol. 2. Fantastic Four vol. 4 #16 and FF vol. 2 #16 were both released around the same time and both had a backup story of a barbecue with the casts of both books back together again. The creative team was the same for both backup stories, which actually shared some pages in each version. One of those shared pages was the final two pages seen at the top of this post. This was the only appearance of Alex Power in this issue, so this appearance is probably unnecessary if you already have FF vol. 2 #16. The issue has been added to Phase Ten of Limbo Part 4.

The cover of Fantastic Four vol. 4 #16 included the then-current Nova Sam Alexander but he did not appear in the story. Also worth mentioning is that the cover is by Mark Bagley, the first regular artist of New Warriors vol. 1.

Fantastic Four v4 16 - cover

While we’re looking at this series, Fantastic Four vol. 4 #13 showed what appeared to be a flashback to FF vol. 2 #1 when the Fantastic Four left on their journey as the Future Foundation waited for their return. Somewhat nondescript but Alex Power can be assumed to be in the crowd. Later in the issue it was revealed this flashback was actually of an alternate reality, so this appearance has been removed from the site.

Fantastic Four v4 13 - Alex flashback to alternate Earth

Added X-Men Legacy: ForgetMeNot

Following the conclusion of X-Men Legacy vol. 2, Marvel released X-Men Legacy #300. Resuming the numbering of the first volume of X-Men Legacy, this issue was essentially a one-shot that introduced a character named ForgetMeNot.

During the course of the issue, ForgetMeNot recounted his history with the X-Men and one of the flashbacks was to the Age of X event. A single panel showed Jubilee. I placed this issue in context based on the time of this flashback, in Phase Four of Limbo Part 4 with the rest of the Age of X issues.

The cover included Chamber but he didn’t appear in the actual story.

X-Men Legacy 300 - cover

Added X-Men Legacy: For We Are Many

The conclusion to X-Men Legacy volume 2 included cameos by Chamber, who had been a recurring character throughout the series. There wasn’t a lot to his appearances, and one could argue that they ultimately never even happened based of the conclusion of the series. But for completionist sake, I’m including it. These issues were released concurrently with X-Men vol. 4 #7-12 and Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #1-5 but due to guest stars, all three stories couldn’t happen simultaneously. Magneto’s appearance here suggested this story happened before his departure from Cyclops’ team, so I placed it first among the three stories in Phase Ten of Limbo Part 4, but for our purposes it doesn’t matter too much.

X-Men Legacy v2 21 - vision of Chamber and other X-Men or calling them for help

X-Men Legacy vol. 2 #21 has an appearance that normally would not get included. However, the next issue revealed that this panel was when David Haller telepathically called for help. So while it first seemed like a panel where various characters are being represented, it could also be seen as showing these characters receiving his telepathic summon. It’s a single panel of Chamber, and fairly inconsequential either way.

X-Men Legacy vol. 2 #22 showed Chamber on four pages among the crowd of mutants fighting the evil gestalt entity posing as an evil Professor X. During the battle, he was killed, which seemed to effect Frenzy most of all.

In X-Men Legacy vol. 2 #24, Chamber was shown among the people resurrected by David Haller, who then retroactively erased his birth and entire existence. So whether this entire encounter even happened, or was remembered by everyone present as an encounter with someone else, remains to be seen. Since Blindfold remembered him and seemed to have some memory of events, we’ll keep it for now.

X-Men Legacy v2 24 - Chamber restored

Added Amazing X-Men: The Quest for Nightcrawler

Amazing X-Men v2 1 - Firestar arrives at Jean Grey SchoolOne of the new series to launch following the Battle of the Atom crossover was Amazing X-Men, a new ongoing series of yet another X-Men team. This added Firestar to the X-Men for the first time.

Really, it’s crazy that it took this long for her to be put on an X-Men-related team considering she was established as a mutant from her earliest appearances in the 1980s, both in comics and in the animated Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. This connection was strengthened when she debuted in the proper Marvel Comics Universe in Uncanny X-Men and her Firestar mini-series, where she was associated with the White Queen, a frequent X-Men villain. By the late 1980s, the character remained neglected, so she was scooped up by editor Tom DeFalco for New Warriors, where she remained until the mid-1990s. She was then claimed by the Avengers editors for the relaunched series by Kurt Busiek and George Pérez, where she mostly remained until recent co-starring spots in short-lived ensemble books like Marvel Divas and Young Allies.

Her last appearance before this was Wolverine and the X-Men #19, where she had a quick cameo interviewing for a teaching position at the Jean Grey School. That appearance was one of a number of characters that interviewed for the teaching job and it was played more for comedy. It established Angelica’s crush on Iceman, a nod to her TV origins which was continued here.

Amazing X-Men v2 1 - Firestar and Iceman

Firestar was mostly played as the POV character, the new team member to help new readers get introduced to the book, but this focus was dropped fairly early. However, she did get a pretty cool moment of cutting loose with her powers that echoed New Warriors vol. 1 #30 (that moment, from Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #4, is the featured image at the top of this post).

These issues were published concurrently with X-Men vol. 4 #7-12. Storm appeared throughout both stories so they couldn’t happen simultaneously and there was nothing in either story to indicate which happened first. Ultimately the order doesn’t really matter here, so I placed Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #1-5 right after X-Men vol. 4 #7-12 in Phase Ten of Limbo Part 4. Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #6, a follow-up to the main story with cameos by Firestar and Jubilee that was also included in the Amazing X-Men: The Quest for Nightcrawler collected edition, was added to Volume 5, which will start to see some preliminary additions as we finish Limbo Part 4.

Amazing X-Men v2 2 - Firestar in hell

Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #1 had 10 pages of Firestar, as she arrived at the Jean Grey School and was quite literally sucked into her first mission with the X-Men.

Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #2 had Firestar on 11 pages. She along with Storm and Iceman were dropped into a realm that looked like the classic Hell. They fought two battling armies, the native demons and an invading army of pirate demons.

Amazing X-Men v2 4 - Firestar vs demons

Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #4 had 9 pages of Firestar. Her group’s subplot wasn’t seen in issue #3 but in this issue, Firestar cut loose to try to burn down Hell. By the end of the issue, the X-Men were reunited and prepared for a final battle against Azazel and his pirate demons. Dialogue in this issue and narration in issue #2 that was later revealed to be Nightcrawler’s narration suggest that he met Firestar for the first time here, but the two actually met in her first Marvel Universe appearance of Uncanny X-Men #193 when he was leading the X-Men.

Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #5 had 5 pages of Firestar, where she was mostly seen helping the X-Men fight the pirate demons.

Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #6 had 4 pages of Firestar and Jubilee. The issue was an epilogue of sorts to the previous 5 issues, where the X-Men threw Nightcrawler a welcome home party. The two former New Warriors, both active members of the X-Men at the time, were seen among the crowd hanging out. Neither get any dialogue, so not as significant as the previous issues. The story was titled as part 1 but the creative team departed the series after this issue, so a second part was never released. Fortunately the issue was self-contained enough to stand as is just fine.

Amazing X-Men v2 6 - Firestar and Jubilee at Nightcrawler welcome home party