Added New Warriors: Always and Forever

The fifth New Warriors series concluded in late 2014. The first half was previously added, and now we’ve officially added the second half, New Warriors vol. 5 #7-12, collected in the trade paperback New Warriors: Always and Forever.

The first two issues in this update wrapped up the Inhumans gang story, which was set up in the cliffhanger ending of New Warriors: The Kids Are All Fight. I felt the series read better in 4-issue arcs, so I decided to increase the gap of time between New Warriors vol. 5 #4 and the start of the epilogue in #5. Original Sin and its tie-in issues now take place between these two issues. This means New Warriors vol. 5 #5-8 have been moved to the beginning of Phase Three of Volume 5, and issues 9-12 are toward the end.

New Warriors v5 12 - cover excerpt

Appearing in this issue was the cast from the first 6 issues: JusticeSpeedballNovaScarlet Spider, Hummingbird, Sun Girl, Water Snake, and Haechi. Jake Waffles and Mr. Whiskers also returned. (I’m still debating whether they were full members or fall in the Support Crew category. Let me know what you think. Either way, they will finally be getting their own pages in our next update.) And joining the cast was Silhouette! There was also a single-panel appearance by Night Thrasher, Namorita, and Rage (seen at the top of this update), although it wasn’t an in-story appearance but a vision of what Justice wanted to create as a New Warriors team, so I didn’t include it as an in-continuity appearance for those three characters.

Here’s a look at each issue and how many pages each character appears in each issue:

New Warriors v5 7 - Justice calls in SilhouetteNew Warriors vol. 5 #7 picks up from the cliffhanger ending of issue #6. Haechi and Sun Girl are kidnapped by a gang recently transformed into Inhumans from the release of the Terrigen Mists, and the rest of the team has to put their search for the High Evolutionary on hold to rescue them. Justice calls in Silhouette to help.

  • Haechi: 11 pages (12 for appearing across a 2-page spread)
  • Hummingbird: 4 pages
  • Justice: 9 pages (including twice across a 2-page spread)
  • Scarlet Spider: 4 pages
  • Silhouette: 1 page
  • Speedball: 5 pages (+1 page for voice only)
  • Sun Girl: 12 pages (including twice across a 2-page spread)
  • Water Snake: 3 pages
  • Jake Waffles: 4 pages
  • Mr. Whiskers: 1 page

New Warriors v5 8 - team arrives

New Warriors vol. 5 #8 is the conclusion of the Inhumans story with the New Warriors rescuing Haechi and Sun Girl, and Haechi rejecting Lash’s offer to join his gang. Nova also returns but too late to help.

  • Haechi: 7 pages + 4 pages of a “several weeks ago” flashback for a total of 11 pages
  • Hummingbird: 6 pages
  • Justice: 8 pages
  • Nova: 1 page
  • Scarlet Spider: 8 pages
  • Silhouette: 4 pages
  • Speedball: 8 pages
  • Sun Girl: 4 pages
  • Water Snake: 8 pages
  • Jake Waffles: 1 page
  • Mr. Whiskers: 1 page

New Warriors v5 9 - team goes clubbing in Prague

New Warriors vol. 5 #9 is a standalone story with Scarlet Spider trying to quit the team but Justice talks him out of it while the two fight Choke the Bear, a giant basketball mascot given powers by an irradiated meteor. Meanwhile, the rest of the team goes clubbing in Prague.

  • Haechi: 3 pages
  • Hummingbird: 3 pages
  • Justice: 14 pages
  • Nova: 3 pages
  • Scarlet Spider: 14 pages
  • Silhouette: 3 pages
  • Speedball: 3 pages
  • Sun Girl: 3 pages
  • Mr. Whiskers: 1 page

New Warriors v5 10 - team attacksNew Warriors vol. 5 #10 kicks off the conclusion of the series with the New Warriors tracking down the High Evolutionary and the Evolutionaries, and defeating them. But the last minute arrival of the Eternals changes things.

  • Haechi: 7 pages
  • Hummingbird: 9 pages
  • Justice: 10 pages
  • Nova: 7 pages
  • Scarlet Spider: 11 pages
  • Silhouette: 1 page
  • Speedball: 9 pages
  • Sun Girl: 7 pages
  • Water Snake: 7 pages
  • Jake Waffles: 6 pages
  • Mr. Whiskers: 5 pages

New Warriors v5 11 - cover excerpt

New Warriors vol. 5 #11 shows the New Warriors trying to stop the Eternals from carrying out the High Evolutionary’s plan.

  • Haechi: 9 pages
  • Hummingbird: 5 pages
  • Justice: 3 pages
  • Nova: 5 pages
  • Scarlet Spider: 8 pages
  • Silhouette: 3 pages
  • Speedball: 9 pages (+4 pages of narration only)
  • Sun Girl: 5 pages
  • Water Snake: 12 pages
  • Jake Waffles: 3 pages

New Warriors vol. 5 #12 is the grand finale as Justice rallies the team to show the Eternals the error of their ways in allying with the High Evolutionary.

  • Haechi: 10 pages
  • Hummingbird: 10 pages
  • Justice: 13 pages (+1 page of narration only)
  • Nova: 9 pages
  • Scarlet Spider: 9 pages
  • Silhouette: 6 pages
  • Speedball: 12 pages
  • Sun Girl: 8 pages
  • Water Snake: 7 pages
  • Jake Waffles: 3 pages

New Warriors v5 12 - Justice warns Eternals


Added Wolverine: Wolf and Cub

Wolverine Annual v4 1 - coverIn August 2014, in the build-up to the long-teased Death of Wolverine, Marvel released Wolverine Annual vol. 4 #1 with a “1 Month to Die” branding. Jubilee co-starred in the story.

Wolverine took Jubilee into a forest to spend a night learning how to live off the land. Jubilee took her infant son Shogo with them. Through a misunderstanding, a couple out camping thought Shogo was in trouble, so they took him and ran. Jubilee, with Wolverine’s help, hunted them down and got her adopted son back.

The story highlighted the passing of the torch, in a sense, with clear foreshadowing of Wolverine’s upcoming death.

Jubilee appeared on 22 pages, at times taking the lead from Wolverine.


The issue was placed in Phase Three of Volume 5.

Wolverine Annual v4 1 - 22

Added Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration

Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration 1 - cover2014 was the 75th anniversary of Marvel Comics, so a one-shot was published to celebrate. Sam Alexander got a one-panel cameo in the first story, seen above.

The entire story was looking back on the day the Fantastic Four were born. While that moment was published in 1961, the in-universe span of time was left unspecified. Sam was seen watching reruns of The Rawhide Kid while asking his mother when his father was coming home.

This created a new first appearance for Sam, chronologically. His first published appearance remains Point One #1. Since these flashback scenes were set during the events of Fantastic Four #1 (or more accurately, set during the flashback scene of the team’s origin, as depicted in Fantastic Four #1), this now becomes only the second appearance of any New Warrior in the Marvel Universe. The first remains the babysitting story starring an infant Robbie Baldwin in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11. This issue was added to Phase One of History.

Marvel 75th Anniversary Special 1 - Power Pack MAX

The special also contained mock covers of comics never published, including a Power Pack MAX series starring a very adult version of Alex Power and his siblings, and X-Meh, a team of forgettable X-Men characters including Stacy X. Since these covers were not actual comics, and not actual stories starring these characters, they have not been added to the site, but are mentioned here for absolute completists.

Marvel 75th Anniversary Special 1 - X-Meh with Stacy X

Added No End In Sight

Nova Special 1 - coverIn the Summer of 2014, Marvel released three one-shot specials that made up the No End in Sight trilogy starring the Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man, and Nova. Uncanny X-Men Special #1, Iron Man Special #1, and Nova Special #1 were collected in the trade paperback Uncanny X-Men/Iron Man/Nova: No End in Sight.

Nova did not appear in the first part, Uncanny X-Men Special #1. In Iron Man Special #1, Nova showed up on the last 2 pages, where he arrived home to find Monark Starstalker waiting for him. Starstalker thought Sam was the original Nova, whom he had met in Nova vol. 4 #29 and 30. When Sam let him know the original Nova was dead, Starstalker broke down crying.

Iron Man Special 1 - Nova trying to keep it quiet

In Nova Special #1, Nova appeared on 15 pages. He learned that Starstalker had been hired by a man named Atratus to kidnap a Summers brother for revenge. Starstalker had kidnapped Cyclops, which ended up being the wrong Summers. Nova agreed to help Starstalker talk to Atratus and explain the confusion. The two returned to Atratus’ home planet where they found the X-Men in search of Cyclops. They were soon joined by Iron Man and agents of SWORD, who was in pursuit of Cyclops to arrest him for recent crimes. Atratus’ security forces opened fire while he hid inside his home. Nova and Starstalker followed to find Atratus died while inside. Meanwhile, the X-Men freed Cyclops from Starstalker’s ship and fled. With the bounty terminated, Starstalker left, and Nova returned to Earth with Iron Man and SWORD.

Nova Special 1 - Nova reminds Starstalker he is 15 years old

Placement of these issues isn’t terribly clear, and ultimately written to not really matter. Since Nova’s title flows with little interruption into Original Sin, I’ve decided to place these in Phase Three of Volume 5 to take place right after the Original Sin event but right before Sam helps his family move into their new home in Nova vol. 5 #21.

Nova Special 1 - Iron Man and Nova

Added Nightcrawler: Homecoming

Nightcrawler v4 4 - Chamber and Husk lead the chargeWith this update, I have added the 2,000th and 2,001st comic books with New Warriors appearances to this site! The New Warriors Continuity Conundrum launched way back on March 1, 2000, so there’s some kind of weird symbolism there.

With the return of Nightcrawler in Amazing X-Men, the blue elf was given a spin-off solo series of his own in 2014. During the first story arc, collected in Nightcrawler: Homecoming, Nightcrawler stopped by the Jean Grey School while he was being pursued by some kind of robot construct called Trimega. Chamber was among the staff who helped defend the school and its students against an army of Trimegas.

In Nightcrawler vol. 4 #3, Chamber appeared on 3 panels with other X-Men welcoming Nightcrawler back to the school. He had no dialogue.

Nightcrawler vol 4 #4 included 4 pages with Chamber teaming up with Husk and other X-Men to fight off Trimegas, which were revealed to be servants of Nightcrawler’s mother Margali Szardos.

Wolverine appeared as well, so for now I’ve placed it in Phase 1 of Volume 5 before Wolverine departed the Jean Grey School in the Rogue Logan story.

Nightcrawler v4 4 - Chamber takes over

Added Amazing X-Men: World War Wendigo

Amazing X-Men v2 11 - Firestar sees assembly of spirit realm denizensAnother Firestar update and this was a big one. Amazing X-Men: World War Wendigo contained issues 7-12 and Annual #1 of Amazing X-Men vol. 2.

Once again, Wolverine’s involvement complicated things. In Wolverine: Rogue Logan, he left the Jean Grey School, so any appearances of him with the X-Men ideally should have happened before that story. The addition of this set of issues caused me to re-think a few other X-Men titles during this period, so there was some shuffling around in Phase One of Volume 5. Things could still move around as I continue reading the rest of 2014 but I think we’re closer.

Firestar was heavily featured in Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #7, where she and Iceman teamed up with Spider-Man to return an alien baby to its parents in exchange for an abducted goat. It was a pretty silly story and despite her appearing on 17 pages (plus 1 other page with her dialogue), it wasn’t a very significant appearance. The most notable thing that happened was that Firestar seemed completely over her crush of Iceman, to the point of seeming to be annoyed at him. Some of it was typical Marvel-style playful banter, but it seemed like as she’s gotten to know him better, the schoolgirl crush has vanished. Of course the other part of this story was the reunion of the trio that starred in the ’80s animated series, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, which led to Firestar’s original creation.

Amazing X-Men v2 7 - Firestar and Iceman follow Spider-Man

Amazing X-Men Annual #1 had two stories.

The first story focused on Storm but Firestar was among the X-Men chosen to help on her mission. She and Wolverine fought a demonic creature summoned by Meruda, a member of a Kenyan tribe who gained elemental powers from the Inhuman terrigen mists. He sought vengeance against Storm, who he believed killed members of his tribe years ago. Firestar appeared on 8 pages of this story.

Amazing X-Men Annual 1 - Firestar and her art history degree

The second story focused on Firestar but was not a traditional story. The 10 pages featured 5 narrators talking about and showing art depicting Firestar. Firestar herself was one of the 5 narrators. Each 2-page sequence of narration is independent enough that they could happen at various points in time but there isn’t enough information to definitely place them anywhere other than the present from when the comic was released. The narrators were a little girl named Janine who was saved by Firestar and now idolizes her, Jean Grey School student Hellion and his notebook doodling declaring Firestar as his favorite teacher, an unnamed graffiti artist celebrating Firestar and her teammates (Hellcat, Black Cat and Monica Rambeau from Marvel Divas), Firestar reflecting on her trying to become the person she’d like to be (above), and her father Bart Jones talking about his daughter while looking through a photo album.

Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #8 only had Firestar on 1 panel of 1 page, as Storm asked her if she had seen Wolverine. Firestar was seen tending to an unnamed horse.

Amazing X-Men v2 9 - X-Men vs Wendigos

In Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #9, Firestar joined the X-Men on a mission to Canada to help Wolverine with an outbreak of Wendigos. In a clever power team-up, Iceman freezes the entire team in a block of ice to survive a crash landing of the Blackbird and Firestar melts the ice to free everyone. She appeared on 13 pages.

In Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #10, she appeared on 11 pages, where Firestar continued to help fight the Wendigos, along with members of Alpha Flight. Storm had her cauterize Talisman’s wounds, the first time she’s ever used her microwave powers in such a way.

In Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #11, Firestar appeared on 7 pages as she and her teammates headed into a spirit realm to fight Tanaraq, a dimensional being who was able to tap into the Wendigo outbreak to attempt a takeover of the X-Men’s home dimension.

In Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #12, Firestar, along with Storm, Iceman and Rockslide were all temporarily given god-like powers by other dimensional beings in the spirit realm to help them fight Tanaraq. She appeared on 10 pages.

Amazing X-Men Annual 1 - Bart Jones reflects on Firestar

Added X-Men: Vs. SHIELD

Uncanny X-Men v3 22 - Firestar watches as Sentinels approachIn my eagerness to cover Original Sin, I inadvertently skipped over a few X-Men comics that were released just as the 2014 crossover was starting. This update and the next will fix that. The first ones were Uncanny X-Men vol. 3 #21 and 22, which were also included in Uncanny X-Men: Vs. SHIELD, the same collected edition that contained the Uncanny X-Men: Original Sin tie-in issues.

Firestar appeared, although her involvement wasn’t incredibly significant. In a nod to the power at her disposal, she was one of three mutants chosen to engage with the two SHIELD Helicarriers that began firing on the Jean Grey School. (The other two mutants were Storm and Kid Gladiator.)

Uncanny X-Men vol. 3 #21 had 2 pages of Firestar, where she got out of the shower to find the Jean Grey School under attack by a SHIELD Helicarrier. She flew up to help Storm fight back while Iceman helped evacuate the students.

Uncanny X-Men v3 22 - Storm and Firestar help

Uncanny X-Men vol. 3 #22 included 3 pages with Firestar where she continued to help Storm and the other X-Men defend the school against the SHIELD Helicarriers and a wave of Sentinels until they were disabled by the arrival of Hijack, a mutant with the ability to take control of mechanical and electrical devices.

Both issues were added to the end of Phase One in Volume 5.