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New Interview and New Appearances Added

A third interview with writer Chris Yost posted this morning at Comic Book Resources. Check it out!

Also, this is what happens when I have Columbus Day off the day after a new New Warriors series is announced: Yesterday I updated every character page with appearances up to the present. Keep in mind that most have not yet been confirmed, so the order of many is bound to change, and some may yet be removed or added as I find a way to read these issues (probably through comiXology’s Marvel app and/or the Marvel Unlimited digital subscription). Limbo Part 4 has not yet been updated. Please feel free to chime in on corrections/additions/etc. in the comments of each character page or here.

My goal is to soon add pages for the new Nova (Sam Alexander), Scarlet Spider (Kaine), Hummingbird, and the rest of the soon-to-be new members. has already beat me to the punch with a Sam Alexander page. If you haven’t checked out that site, you should definitely do so, along with its Facebook page and forum.


Warriors in Avengers: The Initiative

Tom Brevoort posted a page from Avengers: The Initiative #1 to his Blah Blah Blog. Rage, Ultragirl, Slapstick and the Bengal are all clearly shown. Click here for the page. A look at the cover to the first issue was released on Newsarama’s New Joe Fridays column on January 12.

The Return of… the Scarlet Spider?

Writer Peter David posted to his blog this past Thursday, “Finishing proofreading Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14. As to what’s coming up in that issue, two words: Ben Reilly. I will say no more than that (okay, Deb Whitman and the Vulture). But…Ben Reilly.” The issue is scheduled by Marvel to be in stores November 29. Source:

New Warriors-related comics in December

The following Marvel Comics could have appearances by New Warriors:

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Big week for new releases

This week, Marvel has a lot for New Warriors fans. Speedball‘s harrowing journey continues in the bi-weekly mini-series Civil War: Front Line #5. Meanwhile, in the Ultimate Universe, he’s not doing much better. Check out his brief first appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2. Nova leads an army into battle in Annihilation #1, and will probably get profiled in Annihilation: The Nova Corps Files one-shot. And finally, a look at Firestar‘s past is included in Spider-Man Family: Amazing Friends to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the NBC cartoon “Spiderman and His Amazing Friends”. Incidentally, this unofficially also celebrates the 20th anniversary of Firestar herself, as she was created for the show.

This week’s comics

This week from Marvel: Speedball’s journey continues in Civil War: Front Line #4, plus the conclusion to the 4-part Avengers & Power Pack Assemble mini-series. Also, New Warriors-related profiles in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: A to Z #7 are Bolt (referred to as his code-name at the time of his death, Maverick) and Microbe, plus villains Nebula and Midnight.

This week’s comics

This week from Marvel: The final issue of Annihilation: Nova, plus Civil War #3, which could have appearances by Cloak & Dagger.

New Warriors-related comics in October

Marvel Comics released solicitations for comics on-sale in October. The following could have New Warriors appearances:

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This week’s comics

Speedball appears in the second story of Civil War: Front Line #3, where he must decide whether to make a deal with the government or take a stand. Thunderbolts #104 should have appearances by Pretty Persuasions, Aquaduct and other New Warriors-related villains becoming hero hunters.

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New Comics for July 6th

This week concludes the 5-part M2 mini-series Last Planet Standing, written by New Warriors co-creator Tom DeFalco. That reality’s version of Nova could appear. Also, New Warriors-related profiles are likely to be reprinted in the Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe – Deluxe Edition Volume 3. Awaiting confirmation…