Added Original Sin

Original Sin 0 - Nova vs Tomazooma 1Marvel’s big event for 2014 was Original Sin by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato. As was the well-established convention by then, the event was focused around a mini-series that told the core story, and was supplemented by satellite stories in miniseries and tie-in issues of ongoing series. Here, we’re only looking at the core story as told in the 8-issue mini-series Original Sin plus the zero issue. Other tie-in comics will be added later.

The event was essentially a murder mystery with the heroes searching to find out who killed the Watcher, the cosmic observer who had befriended Nova in his solo series. During the course of the search, long-kept secrets observed by the Watcher were released.

Nova starred in the special zero issue, which served as a prequel to the event, and then both Sam Alexander and Firestar briefly appeared in the early issues of the mini-series.

Original Sin #0 had 23 pages of Nova, plus another page with his narration only, and then another 3 pages of flashbacks he narrated. This prequel issue by Mark Waid and Jim Cheung starred Sam Alexander as Nova, making it basically a bonus issue of Nova vol. 5 (which had its own tie-in issues to the Original Sin event that will be added in a future update). This issue focused on the friendship between Nova and the Watcher and their individual back stories. It also featured a touching moment with the two connecting over their issues with their fathers. This was the first time Sam got concrete confirmation that his father was still alive, so it was a significant issue. During the story, Sam got a glimpse at the multiverse, and saw alternate reality versions of Firestar, Speedball and his sister (in a reality where she became Nova instead of him). And as seen above, Nova fought the robot Tomazooma.

Original Sin 0 - Nova is happy his father is alive

In Original Sin #2, every hero possible was summoned to bring in the villains thought responsible for killing the Watcher. Among the heroes was Nova and Firestar. Nova appeared on 3 pages, and Firestar on 1 page. Not very significant, as we see most of this from Nova’s perspective in his own solo series when it ties into the event.

Original Sin 2 - Firestar and Nova and other heroes attack suspected murderers of the Watcher

Original Sin #3 picked right up from the cliffhanger ending of the previous issue. Nova (or more accurately his silhouette) appeared on 1 page among the heroes at ground zero for the detonation of “bomb” that revealed secrets known by the Watcher. Each person hit by the explosion saw only a secret that pertained to them. Nova’s discovered secret was revealed in his tie-in issues, which will be added soon. While seen last issue for the big confrontation, Firestar wasn’t visible in this scene at the end of last issue and wasn’t seen in this issue at all. Firestar appeared in issues of Uncanny X-Men vol. 3, which are tie-ins to the event and will be added later.

The rest of the main story played out without the involvement of any New Warriors. I’ve created a new Phase in Volume 5 that will be just for Original Sin stories, similar to what’s been done for previous events on this site. New Warriors vol. 5 did not have any tie-in issues with Original Sin, so there may be some tinkering with where exactly these issues fall in relation to each other.

Original Sin 3 - Nova and others hit by eye bomb


Added The Fall of the Fantastic Four

Following Jonathan Hickman’s exit from the Fantastic Four, the book was relaunched with the creative team of James Robinson and Leonard Kirk. The opening story arc, The Fall of the Fantastic Four, was told in Fantastic Four vol. 5 #1-5. Alex Power showed up in issues 3 and 5, still a student of the Future Foundation.

Fantastic Four v5 3 - Alex Power with Future Foundation and Sue Storm on field trip

In Fantastic Four vol. 5 #3, Alex Power was seen on 2 pages. The Invisible Woman and Namor the Sub-Mariner took the Future Foundation students on a field trip to the feeding grounds of Atlantean gigantos. Alex recalled the first surface-world sighting of a giganto and seemed to be piloting the submarine. Not all that important.

In Fantastic Four vol. 5 #5, Alex Power was seen on 5 pages. Due to events in the previous issues, the Fantastic Four were charged for reckless endangerment, storing of weapons of mass destruction, and other crimes reflecting the team’s carelessness over their history. One of the outcomes of the trial was losing custody of the Future Foundation students, who were transported to the SHIELD military base formerly called Camp Hammond (the training facility seen in Avengers: The Initiative). Due to Alex’s age, SHIELD was not able to hold him but he refused to leave, instead wanting to protect the others. The sequence featured art by Power Pack co-creator June Brigman, with Roy Richardson and Vero Gandini.

Fantastic Four v5 5 - Alex Power and Future Foundation face off with SHIELD 2

Placement of these two issues was slightly tricky because Spider-Man was seen in Fantastic Four vol. 5 #2. Normally not a terribly big deal except that the Spider-Man depicted was the Superior Spider-Man (the mind of Dr. Octopus in the body of Peter Parker). The entire Superior Spider-Man epic was coming to a conclusion around this time. By Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 #1 the mind of Peter Parker had returned to his own body, and one of that issue’s backup stories lined up with New Warriors vol. 5 #4. While there is some wiggle room between most of the issues of Fantastic Four vol. 5 #1-5, for the sake of readability I prefer to keep story arcs together whenever possible. So for simplicity’s sake, I’m placing both of these issues at the end of Limbo Part 4 instead of Volume 5.

Fantastic Four v5 5 - Alex Power and Future Foundation are going to be okay

Added X-Force: Scratching the Itch

In the opening scene of X-Force vol. 4 #3, Jubilee briefly appeared beside her teammates from X-Men vol. 4. The focus of the issue was on Psylocke who was now also on a reformed X-Force team. The off-panel dialogue throughout the scene was her X-Force teammates debating her place on their team.

For Jubilee, it was a minor appearance lasting only 2 pages without any dialogue. The X-Men went on a mission and then returned. As far as I can tell, this mission was unique to this issue and not a depiction of another issue’s adventure.

The issue was added to Phase One of Volume 5. There were a number of X-Men books criss-crossing each other around this point so you might see me juggling their placement around a little. Their overall order shouldn’t change too dramatically though.

X-Force v4 3 - Jubilee and X-Men finishing mission

Added Amazing Spider-Man: Kaine

Marvel relaunched the flagship Amazing Spider-Man for the third time in mid-2014, and the first issue included backup stories primarily to promote other Spider-Man-related titles. One of the stories, simply titled “Kaine,” depicted Peter Parker going to Houston to try to check in on Kaine.

What followed was a crash course in the highlights of Scarlet Spider vol. 2 through flashbacks told by a couple of peripheral characters of that book. The story ended with Peter Parker flying back to New York hoping that Kaine found some peace, and a scene from New Warriors vol. 5 #4 of the team fighting Evolutionaries. This is definitely not essential but if you skipped Scarlet Spider vol. 2 and want a primer on the character before reading New Warriors vol. 5, this is a very good way to do it.

Justice, Speedball, Nova, Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird, Sun Girl, and Water Snake all appear. Only Haechi is absent, although he’s technically there just not visible. This has been added to Phase One in Volume 5 right after New Warriors vol. 5 #4.

Not Added: Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #12

As the Superior Spider-Man storyline was winding down in mid-2014, the sister title Superior Spider-Man Team-Up was wrapping up its year-long run with a flashback-packed 2-parter. The body-swapping saga featured longtime villain Dr. Octopus in the mind of Peter Parker trying to be a better Spider-Man. In Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #12, Dr. Octopus recalled his rivalry with the Green Goblin. During a montage of various plots orchestrated by the Green Goblin, one panel depicted Spider-Man and the original Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly, fighting Kaine during the Clone Saga. Both Ben and Kaine went on from this flashback scene to join the New Warriors using the name Scarlet Spider at different points of time.

Spider-Man 58It’s unclear exactly when the scene took place, but it’s likely to be during the Mark of Kaine storyline, which ran through the following Spider-Man line of comics in early 1995: Web of Spider-Man #124, Amazing Spider-Man #401, Spider-Man #58, Spectacular Spider-Man #224, and Spider-Man Unlimited #3.

The Green Goblin’s behind-the-scenes orchestration of the Clone Saga was established in the conclusion to the sprawling epic, Spider-Man #75. Since the Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #12 appearance was only a single panel with no new information, it has not been added to the site except to note it here.

Added Wolverine: Rogue Logan

Jubilee and her X-Men vol. 4 teammates guest-starred in Wolverine vol. 6 #3 and 4, the second half of the 4-part Wolverine: Rogue Logan story arc. This story ended with Wolverine quitting the X-Men and leaving the school he’d started, the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. So any stories with New Warriors in this period where Wolverine is on the X-Men should probably come before these two issues.

In the story, Jubilee, who took the name Wondra during New Warriors vol. 4, picked up Wolverine to drive him to a battle her team was having with some robots based on Sentinel technology. On the ride, she tried to talk with him about his reaction to losing his healing factor. She also explained how Beast was helping her overcome the challenges of her vampirism.

Wolverine v6 3 - Jubilee drives Wolverine to robot fight

Beast also made her some anti-metal virus bombs, presumably meant to help in the fight against the giant robots. Visually, the bombs recall Jubilee’s old mutant fireworks powers.

Wolverine v6 3 - Jubilee and anti-metal virus bombs

Jubilee ended up saving Wolverine’s life when he froze in battle.

Wolverine v6 3 - Jubilee saves Logan

Wolverine v6 4 - Jubilee watches Logan leave

In Wolverine vol. 6 #3, Jubilee appeared on 9 pages and on an additional page, her dialogue is seen coming out of her car in the background (although we can’t explicitly see her, it’s obvious it’s her).

In Wolverine vol. 6 #4, Jubilee only appeared on 2 pages. She and Storm interrupted Wolverine’s training session in the Danger Room and then later watched him leave the school.

The issues were added to Phase One of Volume 5 right after X-Men: No More Humans.

Added X-Men: No More Humans

In the summer of 2014, Marvel released the original graphic novel X-Men: No More Humans. It was very firmly set in the main Marvel Comics Universe (or Earth-616, if you prefer) and included two brief appearances of Chamber.

Chamber, or Decibel as he was called during New Warriors vol. 4, was seen on two pages at the big final battle. The story ended with somewhat of a cosmic reset button, so you could say the events didn’t happened at all. Either way it’s not essential for Chamber at all, he’s really just background filler, but for completist sake I’m including it.

Based on Nightcrawler and Wolverine being around and some other clues, I’ve placed this in Phase One of Volume 5, right after Nightcrawler’s welcome home party in Amazing X-Men vol. 2 #6.

X-Men-No More Humans - Chamber during fight