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New Warriors #3 & 4 added, more Crashpod, and more

The two latest issues of New Warriors are on-sale now and have been added to the site. This wraps up the opening story arc, and sets up the rest of the series. Also added is the latest issue of Nova, which also concludes a story arc. Still debating the order of the two stories. It will probably be more clear in another issue or two. And don’t miss Nova’s prominent role in Original Sin.

Oh and check out my column on Robot 6: A Tale of Two Novas. It’s been getting a lot of comments.

Another episode of The Crashpod will be recorded and released soon discussing these issues. Thanks to all that have listened and posted reviews.

PS: The Crashpod is now on iTunes! Subscribe, rate, review, and help spread the word!


New Warriors #2 now on-sale

Haechi made his debut in today’s issue of New Warriors #2 by Christopher Yost and Marcus To, so now he has a page here. The team is starting to come together!

Also out today is Nova #14 by Gerry Duggan and David Baldeon. I think we’ll have to give this a little time to figure out where this story takes place in relation to Sam’s appearances in New Warriors. There’s an interview with Duggan here that’s worth reading, and there’s also this video interview.

Check out the revised Characters menu on the right. It’s now been broken up into each volume of New Warriors or each era or team. So there are the founders, everyone from volume 1, everyone from volume 2, and so on. Hopefully that makes it a little easier to find your favorite.

New Pages: Hummingbird and Sun Girl

Two more soon-to-be New Warriors pages are up: Aracely (aka Hummingbird) and Sun Girl. Both were co-created by Christopher Yost, who is writing the upcoming series. Aracely has been a sorta-sidekick to Kaine (I may always call him Kaine) in the pages of Scarlet Spider. Sun Girl showed up in the first issue and a subsequent three-part story arc told in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, where it was revealed she is the daughter of Lightmaster*, a frequent Spider-Man villain. So, that means this New Warriors team consists of three characters with close ties to the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel Universe.

*Lightmaster himself has somewhat of a New Warriors connection. He fought Cloak and Dagger in a three-part back-up story set in Genetech (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12 and Web of Spider-Man Annual #8, which also have the main story starring Spider-Man and the New Warriors, The Hero Killers). These stories are all collected in Spider-Man & the New Warriors: Hero Killers.

New Page: Kaine

The next soon-to-be New Warrior added to the site is the current Scarlet Spider, Kaine. I still need to add his checklist but I think I got all of his appearances. Everything post-Clone Saga from the ’90s has yet to be confirmed, and there are a few earlier appearances that I’m pretty sure I have but need to confirm too. But in broad strokes, I think it’s pretty accurate. Corrections welcome.

I’ve also updated the About page to more accurately reflect the present layout of the site.

New Page: Sam Alexander

Time to start adding the soon-to-be New Warriors to the site. First up: Nova, aka Sam Alexander. None of the appearances have been confirmed yet but I’m fairly confident about what’s there so far, which is only under 20 appearances so not incredibly hard. Anyway, I hope to add more when I get the chance here and there. (Not looking forward to adding Kaine.)

Timeline added

Did you know the first 17 issues of the original New Warriors series all took place over the course of 6 months? Introducing the New Warriors Timeline, tracking the passage of in-universe time.

I worked this up a few months ago, and figure it’s time to unveil it. It’s very much a work-in-progress but it’s something I’ve always wanted to have here. Dig in and be sure to add any comments, corrections, etc. You’ll find it in the Menu on the left under Misc. but it’ll probably get its own category eventually.

Meanwhile, artist Ramón Pérez (his graphic novel adaptation of the late Jim Henson’s Tale Of Sand unproduced screenplay is highly recommend) has been posting tantalizing peaks at his cover to the new New Warriors series on his social media accounts. Here he is inking on Tumblr, and here is coloring on Instagram.

Cleaning Things Up Around Here

In what may go down as my greatest accomplishment, I’ve finally cleaned up the menu on the right-hand side of the site. Now you can easily see all of the Chronology pages, the Character pages, and miscellaneous other things, like our brand new Digital Comics page (really just a converted version of an earlier post, which has been updated with a link). I’ve also cleaned up the Links pages to get rid of dead links.

I’m also adding images back in to Character pages. These were lost long ago in one of the sites’ moves and I never got around to fixing them. While I’m there at each Character’s page, I’m taking a moment to updating info like their status. Let me know if you see anything weird.

New Interview and New Appearances Added

A third interview with writer Chris Yost posted this morning at Comic Book Resources. Check it out!

Also, this is what happens when I have Columbus Day off the day after a new New Warriors series is announced: Yesterday I updated every character page with appearances up to the present. Keep in mind that most have not yet been confirmed, so the order of many is bound to change, and some may yet be removed or added as I find a way to read these issues (probably through comiXology’s Marvel app and/or the Marvel Unlimited digital subscription). Limbo Part 4 has not yet been updated. Please feel free to chime in on corrections/additions/etc. in the comments of each character page or here.

My goal is to soon add pages for the new Nova (Sam Alexander), Scarlet Spider (Kaine), Hummingbird, and the rest of the soon-to-be new members. has already beat me to the punch with a Sam Alexander page. If you haven’t checked out that site, you should definitely do so, along with its Facebook page and forum.

Own a piece of the NWCC Collection – Part 2

The New Warriors Continuity Conundrum Comics Collection is going on sale! (Again!)

Instead of ebay, I’m now doing an Amazon store. Shop at The Hindsight!

Own a piece of the NWCC Collection

The New Warriors Continuity Conundrum Comics Collection is going on sale!

You can own a part of my personal comics collection. I’ve started to list them for sale on ebay. Every auction starts at just 25 cents, regardless of how many comics are in the lot.

Visit my ebay store and start bidding.


It’s been a couple of months since I’ve updated the site. Unfortunately it seems what I’ve felt was coming for a couple of years has finally arrived. The New Warriors Continuity Conundrum is going on hiatus.

This really has nothing to do with the actual comics coming out now, and more to do with my evolving life, which has allowed less and less time to making it to the comic shop, reading comics, and updating this site in some sort of timely fashion.

My curiosity is shifting to new endeavors. While I’m sad to let the NWCC go, I’m extremely excited to be entering what feels like a new phase in my life. I’ve been devoting more time to original content for my new blog. As many know, I’m an actor and writer. I’m cooking up a lot of videos and other fun stuff that I hope you’ll check out. There’s not too much there yet, but there’s a lot in the works.

I’ll keep the existing information up. The Comments sections on each character’s page will allow you to add new appearances, if you are so moved. I won’t say I’ll never jump back in, or maybe sneak in an update here and there, but for now I must put it to rest. To keep up on all things New Warriors, I highly recommend any of the links below in my long and tedious thanks.

And here goes. I would feel remiss if I didn’t toss out some thanks. First, I really must thank my wife, who has probably been more understanding of the time this site has eaten up than she had a right to be. Really it comes down to the Crash Pad Mailing List Yahoo Group. Several stand out for their help and friendship since the NWCC started back in 2000. If I forgot anyone, or misappropriate something to someone, I apologize and blame my awful memory that was eaten up long ago with New Warriors trivia. Jeremy “Pen” Schwennen, thank you for the in-person meeting (must happen again!), the phone calls, NEWS, Page-by-Pages and Roundtable Reviews. Flank McLargehuge, thank you for NEWS and Roundtable Reviews, and good luck with the Doctor and all that comes of it (how far you’ve come and how much further you’ll go!). Doug Smith, thank you for your generosity, your patience on the web-project that never was, and for constantly raising the bar at the Nova Prime Page. PaxHouse, thank you for always being on the look out for anything New Warriors-related and frequenty beating me to the punch. James Hunter, thank you for the Roundtable Reviews and for asking questions. Jeph York, for being a helpful and resourceful smart@ss (look out, Marvel!). Liam Gibbs, for being a mighty fine bloke. Craig Watson, for remembering Speedball. Tawmis, for creating the New Warriors Dot Com and Crash Pad Mailing List community. Seth “speedbaldwin” for creating the New Warriors Source website and message board, which has become a great new home for NW fans. Also much thanks to David Gallaher, Danny Donovan, Tim O’Shea, and Don Lund, for the industry side. Tons of thanks to all of the comic book creators past and present who have worked and are working on these characters. My interest in and enjoyment of these characters is what started this silly obsession and it is what will keep me reading.

And finally, thank you to everyone who has visited this site and benefited from it. I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people saying how helpful the site has been for them when back-issue shopping. That’s really what’s kept me doing it for this long. I wish I could keep it going for you. There just aren’t enough hours.

Thank you. It’s been a blast.

Checklist: Aja

Aja Appearances in the Marvel Universe
(Listed in alphabetical order)
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Checklist: P-Jack

P-Jack Appearances in the Marvel Universe
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OT: Me, recently

You may have noticed the site has slowed down in the updates department. I also haven’t been posting when I add new issues to chronology pages or character pages, which I kind of feel like I should but no one seems to have noticed so maybe it’s not such a big deal. Anyway, as some of you may know, I live a rather busy life outside of this website. Pardon the self-indulgence, but there’s three things that I’m pretty excited about that I’d like to share. And if it gives you something to read and watch instead of noticing the site is about 3 weeks behind and missing a review, then all the better. I don’t want to push down the recently posted news too far, so I hope you’ll click through if you’re curious about THE SECRET LIFE OF A BLOGGER. See you on the other side?
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Pic problems

Some images are temporarily down due to technical problems at Photobucket. It seems to only be the Power Pack images for yesterday’s exclusive interview. Of course! Anyway, I’m told it could be a few more hours until the problem is resolved. Sorry for the disruption.

UPDATE: Looks like they’re back.