Longstrike / Tattoo

  • Real name: Christine Cord
  • Former alias: Tattoo
  • Status: Deceased
  • Known relatives: Christian Cord (brother)
  • First appearance: New X-Men #126
  • Created by: Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely
  • Total appearances: 10



  1. New X-Men #126 “All Hell”
  2. New X-Men #134 “Kid Omega”
  3. New X-Men #135 “Teaching Children About Fractals” Riot at Xavier’s Part One
  4. New X-Men #136 “When X is Not X” Riot at Xavier’s Part Two
  5. New X-Men #137 “Riot at Xavier’s” Riot at Xavier’s Part Three
  6. New X-Men #138 “The Prime of Miss Emma Frost” Riot at Xavier’s Part Four
  7. New Warriors v4 #2 “Defiant Part Two”
  8. New Warriors v4 #3 “Defiant Part Three”
  9. New Warriors v4 #4 “Defiant Part Four”
  10. New Warriors v4 #5 “Defiant Part Five”

4 thoughts on “Longstrike / Tattoo”

  1. In the preview for NW #5 Phaser calls her christina.
    A couple of sites including wikipidia are saying that she Tattoo from the x-men student group Omega Gang. They also say that phaser is radian but in those comic apperances they never reveal a sibling relationship.

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