• Real name: Zachary Smith, Jr.
  • Status: Deceased
  • Known relatives: Zachary Smith (father, deceased), Dwayne Taylor (legal guardian, deceased)
  • First appearance: New Warriors v3 #1
  • Created by: Zeb Wells & Skottie Young
  • Total appearances: 10



  1. New Warriors v3 #1 “Pilot”
  2. New Warriors v3 #2 “Animal House”
  3. New Warriors v3 #3 “How Many Super Heroes Does it Take…?”
  4. New Warriors v3 #4 “Nütown, Nücar, Nümember…”
  5. New Warriors v3 #5 “The New Warriors’ Excellent Adventure”
  6. New Warriors v3 #6 “The Valley of Jerks”
  7. Civil War #1 “Civil War Part One of Seven” Civil War
  8. Amazing Spider-Man #532 Civil War
  9. New Warriors v4 #3 “Defiant Part 3″*
  10. New Warriors v4 #15 “Invaded Part Two” Secret Invasion*

* Issues marked with an asterisk are issues where the remains of Microbe’s deceased body appear.


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