Timeslip (2020) art by Luciano Vecchio, courtesy of Nevets Faulkner



Real name: Rina Patel
Membership status: Inactive
First appearance: New Warriors #59 by Evan Skolnick and Patrick Zircher
Total canon appearances: 18


Recommended Reading Order:

  1. New Warriors #59 “Radicals”
  2. New Warriors #60 “The Only Constant”
  3. New Warriors #61 “Everyone Hates a Clone” Maximum Clonage Prologue
  4. New Warriors #62 “Captives”
  5. New Warriors #63 “Unnatural Selection”
  6. New Warriors #64 “Bang and Blame”
  7. New Warriors #65 “Slave Machine”
  8. New Warriors #67 “The Evil Among Us!” Nightmare in Scarlet Part Two
  9. New Warriors #68 “Just Yesterday” Future Shock 1
  10. New Warriors #69 “Some Time to Kill” Future Shock 2
  11. New Warriors #70 “Time Will Tell” Future Shock 3
  12. New Warriors #71 “The Fire in Which We Burn” Future Shock 4
  13. New Warriors #72 “The Monster in the Basement!”
  14. New Warriors #73 “Damn the Torpedoes”
  15. New Warriors #74 “Surprise…”
  16. New Warriors #75 “Sweet Sorrow”
  17. She-Hulk 2 #8 “Civil Union” Civil War
  18. Marvel Digital Holiday Special #1 “If the Fates Allow…”*

*Marvel Digital Holiday Special #1 was originally released on Marvel Unlimited at Marvel.com. It was published in print for the first time a year later in the magazine Marvel Holiday Spectacular 2009.

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